We Tried It: ManMade Boxer Briefs Underwear

We Tried It: ManMade Boxer Briefs Underwear

Let’s be honest, men rarely talk about their underwear choices amongst themselves; many of us are still wearing the same old Hanes or Calvins Kleins we wore during our youth. But the sheer number of underwear brands on the market these days (the market is worth over $37 billion USD), suggests we should be talking about our favourites. And helping each other out in stepping up our underwear game. So with this in mind, we are here to test out one of the newer brands on the market with our very own underwear review – Manmade*.

This upstart brand from Montreal was founded by four best friends in Montreal who were having trouble finding the perfect pair of boxer briefs. They searched high and low for a pair that looked good and supported (without stretching out) after a long day. After realizing the perfect boxer brief on the market didn’t exist – they made their own.

Underwear Review Overall Score: 4.5/5

Fabric: Super soft modal
We tested out the Manmade boxer brief over a few weeks, including hitting the gym and going to a jog in these boxer briefs. We also ran them through the wash a few times to check out durability. This is what we noticed: The first thing you’ll notice is the fabric; Manmade* uses a blend that includes modal, a super-soft, breathable material derived from beech trees.  It’s softer than cotton, wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry. Feels almost like you aren’t wearing any underwear at all.

Fit: Supportive ‘mansack’ for the win
But these boxer briefs aren’t just soft; they’re supportive too.  The design offers a perfect balance of structure and freedom, keeping everything in its’ place without feeling restrictive. The underwear features the brands’ signature “Mansack” to separate the boys from your thighs (a separate pouch for the goods). And it works! We loved that the ‘mansack’ almost made you feel like we’re going commando, yet we still felt supported. The waistband is another win – a stretchy, yet secure fit that won’t dig or bunch or roll. And we like that the logo is subtle.

Another signature of the brand is the horizontal fly, which changes up the access point for bathroom breaks. And to be honest, we think it works better this way. Why don’t more brands do it this way?

Manmade price?
Cost wise, this brand sits around the middle of the boxer brief market with one pair retailing at $24, or the price drops down to $22 when you order seven pairs.

We Tried It: ManMade Boxer Briefs Underwear
Overall Strengths:

  • Really soft fabric
  • No chafing and no riding up
  • Subtle branding on waistband
  • Top-access fly

Could be better:

  • Currently only two colours (black + blue). We would love a white/nude option
  • A trunk length version would be nice

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