4 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

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Despite it wanting to be with you wherever you go, stress is not your friend. It has you counting sheep at night, wreaks havoc on your skin and contributes to your hair loss, whether you can see the visible signs or not. And correct us if we’re wrong, you most likely want to hold onto the hair you have for as long as possible. Dr. Gary Linkov, MD, a board-certified facial plastic and hair transplant surgeon in the US, shares his expert tips on how to do just that.

Reduce stress:
It’s no surprise that a reduction in stress can be super beneficial to hair loss prevention. Especially when studies published by the US National Library of Medicine shed (pun intended) light on how common the link between stress and hair loss really is. “Signals from the sympathetic nervous system when subjected to stress can leas to the depletion of a stem-cell population in hair follicles,” says Dr. Linkov. “This is why stress turns hair prematurely grey and contributes to hair loss.” Working out, drinking eight glasses of water a day, fresh air, meditation and soothing baths can all help to relieve feelings of stress.

Limit tight hairstyles:
Sure, the ponytail and man-bun have had their moments, but maybe its time to let go, literally. “Tight hairstyles that put repetitive tension on the hairline, such as braids or tight ponytails can cause inflammation of the hair follicle,” explains Dr. Linkov. “This can result in your hair getting weaker and eventually falling out, causing the hairline to recede.”

Get your vitamins:
Bet you didn’t know that not ingesting enough of the right nutrients can lead to a hair loss condition called telogen effluvium. SO eating healthy and getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is key. “One should be sure to consume enough biotin and B-complex vitamins in the diet or supplement with vitamins for improved hair stability,” affirms Dr. Linkov.

Opt for DHT-controlled hair products:
“Dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT, is a hormone produced in both men and women by the male sex hormone testosterone,” says Dr. Linkov. So if you have a genetic predisposition, like your dad had male pattern baldness, certain receptors in your scalp’s hair follicles will encourage DHT to bind to them. Then, DHT stimulates an enzyme to shrink the follicle and your hair dies and falls out. Brands such as Aveda, The Ordinary and Bumble and Bumble to name a few, offer shampoos and conditioners infused with DHT blockers to help prevent this from happening and to reduce hair loss.

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