A Cut Above The Rest: Celebrity Barbers Share Their Secrets

Above (clockwise): Bruno Mars, Fabolous, Bun B, Francisco "Cisco" Rivera, Marcus Stroman and Justin "Prince" Combs

Scott Ramos and Diego Elizarraras are well-known for cutting the hair of some of the top athletes and celebrities in North America. Montreal-based barber Ramos has worked his magic on a bunch of A-listers including Bruno Mars and hip-hop artist Fabolous. This month he teamed up with Los-Angeles based barber Diego Elizarraras in Toronto for a workshop where twelve barbers paid $400 each to learn their in-demand skills. They treat hair styling like art and believe that a good haircut can transform your entire mood. So what was it like working with the stars? Romos and Elizarraras share their celeb hair-styling techniques.

Bruno Mars

Ramos was given the opportunity to cut Bruno Mars hair before his last concert in Montreal. He said: “Corey Shapiro and I went backstage to meet him and his band members. He was hesitant on getting a haircut since he was trying to grow it out so I cleaned up his sideburns and his neckline. He has very thick hair (and lots of it!) and a nice soft curl – Basically a mini afro. I added just a touch of ADH Dry Pomade and applied in scrunch motion.” The pomade is uniquely scented with a creamy consistency and combs in with ease providing a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility. 


After a show in Montreal, Fabolous came to Ramos for a cut. “I freshened up his fade. A shadow fade blended up to a soft flattop with an old-school razor part, just a touch off the middle of his hairline. I used just a touch of Kevin Murphy Hairspray.”The product provides a firm, weightless lasting hold and it’s filled with hydrolyzed wheat proteins and a UV shield for colour protection. Ramos also used a NUDRED sponge. “It’s a curling sponge for African textured hair to achieve a knotted, chunky finish on top. He loved it!”

Bun B

“Bun B was one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. He told me, in his Bun B voice, ‘You’re the artist, do what you do!’ He rocks a shaved head, so I applied Pacinos Pre-shave oil on his head, followed by a hot towel (fresh out the hot towel machine) and wrapped around his head until towel cooled and repeated the steps once more. I then applied Shave Therapy by Xotics on his scalp, and began my straight razor shave with the grain – I reapplied product, then shaved against the grain. I kept his beard dark, with a very clean line up with my trimmers. I repeat the same steps and products on face, then began to clean up the lines with a straight blade while he was reclined in my chair. Bun B told me it was the best service he has ever had at a barbershop!”

Bun B hit Instagram after his barbershop visit with Montreal-based barber Scott Ramos (Photo: Instagram/famos)

Justin “Prince” Combs

Diego Elizarraras cut P.Diddy’s son’s hair –  Justin “Prince” Combs. “I gave him a drop fade with a number one guard and a zero taper with a light trim on top and I use Pacinos Cream to finish off the cut. I like cutting him because it’s always dope to hear cool stories about someone who’s witnessed his father, Diddy and Notorious B.I.G while they made music history happen. He’s young, so his UCLA college stories always entertain me when he gets his cuts. Super cool dude.”

Marcus Stroman

“Marcus is the pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. I gave him a bald drop fade with a part and dyed his hair on top to enhance the line up for a much sharper look and finished it off with Pacino Cream. He loved his cut. Marcus is a cool laid back guy happy and blessed to be where he is in his career, as he came from a struggling background.”

Francisco “Cisco” Rivera 

“Francisco “Cisco” Rivera is a Bantam-weight UFC fighter. I’ve known him for quite sometime now and he always sticks with the same cut – the faded Mohawk with Pacinos Pomade.” This product is great for providing a firm yet flexible hold with a semi-shine finish. “He gets his haircut regularly and always before a fight, which we now call the “lucky cuts” because every time I cut him before a fight he wins! He’s a super humble dude and he’s always happy with his cuts.

By: Nakita Singh Hans for BeautyDesk.com

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