We Tried It: Nice Shot Golf Gloves

Above: Nice Shot golf gloves

Product: Nice Shot Golf Gloves
Price: $18.50
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Available: niceshotgolfgloves.com

“Nice Shot!” is the most common praise bandied about on golf courses. This stock compliment is dropped ad nauseum following everything from a half decent iron shot to a hack out of a bunker that rolls twenty feet past the flag, but rampant overuse of the courteous and mannerly utterance renders its well meaning mute.

Graciously, Nice Shot Golf Gloves, a suburban Toronto outfit, have solved the problem by finding a way to give your tongue a breather especially if you happen to be paired with a low handicapper whose play actually merits the fawning phrase every other shot.  By cleverly scrawling their  “Nice Shot,” logo on various digits, depending on the glove model, these cabretta leather mitts provide a silent yet powerful rejoinder.

Sam Buckley, marketing director at Nice Shot sees plenty of utility for their product: “We see these gloves being used with sincerity when suffering a bad beat, not sarcastically when someone else hits a shank. Although either way ultimately adds a little fun and comradery to the game, and that is our primary goal.”

Pictured is the The Bull, a gesture symbolic of bovine fertility that can mean different things depending on whether you’re a heavy metal fan, University of Texas alumnus (“Hook ‘em Horns) or hail from a Latin or Mediterranean country where the gesture is perceived to be an offensive sign.  The glove, also available in  The Bird, Thumbs Up, You Are Nothing, and The Longbow Salute varieties would make a great groomsmen gift.

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