We Tried It: Sunice’s Langford Golf Jacket

Above: Mike Dojc tries out Sunice's Langford Golf Jacket

Product: Sunice’s Langford Golf Jacket
Who tried them: Mike Dojc, golf enthusiast and AmongMen contributor
Retail price: $270.00
Available: At Golftown locations across Canada and The Sports Experts in Quebec

There probably isn’t a better venue to test out Sunice’s vaunted rain gear than in the whistling wind and rain of an Irish Links course. I’m at Dooks, a spectacular track ensconced in the waters of Dingle Bay and the charming chimneys of Kerry’s MacGillycuddy Reeks mountain range. The course’s mascot is the rare Natterjack toad, a rare yellow striped warty critter whose sonorous croak can be heard at least a couple fairways away.

For those afflicted by the golf addiction, a trip or six to Ireland’s preternaturally gusty and precipitation prone links courses is a rite of passage.  Here, the most essential piece of equipment in your bag isn’t a gap wedge or any other club for that matter—it’s a provisional windbreaker to pop on to take the sting out of the elemental piss when it comes down.

Outerwear mavens specializing in togs for both the chalet and clubhouse set, Sunice’s silky soft waterproof Langford from their tornado collection reigned in the rain and kept me dry and comfortable.  Fit wise it’s constriction free, purpose built for the rigors of the golf swing.    Impressively it manages the freedom of movement feat without billowing or adding a whooshing soundtrack to accompany your follow through thanks to a soft laminate fabric.  The ball cleaning shammy in the right-side pocket is a sweet added touch.

Tech wise there’s breathable tricot lining, laser cut pockets, a patented flexVent waterproofing system that carries a four-year guarantee, and a soft neoprene collar which prevents rain from drizzling down your neck.

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