Nike Goes Adjustable With HyperAdapt Transformer Bag

The route to major design changes in golf equipment design has historically been slothful—an added dimple here, a gram of weight adjusted there, a tweak on a belt buckle and voila it now flips down to reveal a magnetic ball marker.

But every once in a while, there is a truly disruptive moment. Nike’s Golf HyperAdapt Carry bag is equipment evolution on turbo. In the past, when you arrived at a golf course on a nice balmy day and decided that you were going to walk the course instead of ride in a cart you faced a couple options. Either you dug through the pockets and lightened the load to make your bag light enough to lug around for eighteen holes or you ported your clubs and essentials over to a separate “Sunday bag” you kept stowed in the trunk for just such occasions.

The HyperAdapt bag is the best of both worlds. When fully loaded with ample cargo space, it tips the scale at 5.9 lbs but clocks in at a measly 4.3lbs once you strip off the four side compartments using a unique snap on, snap off system anchored to the bag’s external frame and the Sunday range bag weighs in at .82lbs. Sleek slimmed down pockets can be bolted on in stripped down mode to add carrying capacity.

The straps are really comfy and it’s a breeze to walk with this bag on your back or tethered to a pull cart. Fully loaded in stand bag mode there is ample stowage and the bag is waterproof with sealed seams so nothing zipped in is going to get soggy. See the HyperAdapt Carry in action in our below video.

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