We Tried It: BN3TH Underwear Brand

In the ever expanding category of men’s underwear, we have been hearing a lot of buzz about one brand in particular lately – BN3TH. So we thought we would do the leg work for you and try them out. What is all the buzz about? And why has this upstart brand become so popular? In two words: comfort and support.

The BN3TH brand seems to be all about cornering the performance driven boxer briefs market. The brand offers a variety of styles but they basically boil down to different versions of a classic boxer brief (they do offer one shorter trunk style) with a 6’5″ inseam. All of the BN3TH styles feature their patented MyPackage technology, a 3-dimensional pouch which is designed to provide extra support and reducing the need for shifting and re-adjusting your man parts. In addition, the brand uses flat seams in their manufacturing in order to reduce friction and create no-rub zones where it matters most. The brand seems to stick to a combination of high performance synthetic fabrics, whether it’s polyester or lycra or modal or a combination of all, to ensure soft yet breathable boxer briefs. Although they did just add in a Merino wool version as well.

BN3TH even goes so far as to state that their underwear is so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re not wearing any, to the point it’s like “floating on a cloud” – although we didn’t find this to be the case. So how were did they fair in our test?

Performance wise, we found the brand’s boxerbriefs mostly lived up to the hype. Our meat and potatoes felt very well supported; the MyPackage pouch really does offer your package extra lift and separation to avoid chaffing during high impact activities (and even all day running around town activities). The performance fabrics ensured we never felt too hot; our nether regions were able to breath well and the sweat was wicked away thanks to the fabrics used. But we wouldn’t agree that it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Yes, they are super comfortable but you are aware that you are wearing underwear (I mean the MyPackage extra support reminds you of that but not in a bad way). Added bonus to wearing BN3TH, the support pouch adds a little extra oomph to what you are already packing down there.

Aesthetically, they offer lots of prints and solid colour options to work into any wardrobe. The brand tends to lean more towards fun and playful prints than classic menswear influences like a polka dot or pinstripe. Further, they have been adding in lots of one off collaborations with notable brands and personalities. Or as their website states, collabs with artists, athletes and other rad people.

Overall, we would highly recommend BN3TH to any man who wants a little more support in their high performance activities or their everyday life. If you are a fan of the boxerbrief or shorter trunk models, we suggest you try out a pair two. And hopefully one day, the brand will add in some performance briefs for those of us who like to switch between boxerbriefs and briefs depending on the day, or activity or our mood.

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