HBO Unveils Special ‘Game of Thrones’ Merch

Above: The first round of 'Game of Thrones' merch comes via Carrots

It only required two episodes and we’re already properly obsessed with Game of Thrones. The HBO smash hit has returned from its lengthy hiatus and delivered intense action, political maneuvering, and yes, plenty of dragons. If you happened to catch last Sunday’s episode, you can attest that the penultimate season is very much underway.

Character arcs and plotlines are edging closer to an epic conclusion, and it’s becoming a tradition for many to delve into the bevy of fan theories floating around online. While we can’t spend every hour of the day reading the Game of Thrones wikia, there may now be a way to showcase your fandom in a more conventional manner.

If you’re feeling like expressing your love for Game of Thrones to the rest of the world, we have some good news. HBO has teamed up with a myriad of talented designers to produce a special line of Thrones-themed streetwear entitled, Rep the Realm. The capsule will release weekly to coincide with the show, and will feature garments inspired by Westeros and its many inhabitants.

In a press release sent out earlier today, HBO says that it was a celebratory move for the brand. “Game of Thrones has captivated audiences globally for the past six seasons, immersing us in a world we couldn’t wait to return to week in and week out,” the letter reads. “In celebration of the seventh season, we are proud to partner with seven unique designers who are creating collectable pieces of clothing and accessories that build upon the creativity and ingenuity of this iconic series to take the themes offscreen and into streetwear.”

Before you get too excited, outlets are reporting that Rep the Realm apparel will be relatively hard to come by. In order to cop the pieces, fans will have to follow the #RepTheRealm hashtag on Twitter. The social media site will be the key to discovering how to win the exclusive prizes. To see what you’ll be vying for, peep the first set of designs below via YouTube.

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