Editor’s Pick: Beards & Beavers Beard Oil

Above: A selection of Beards & Beavers' handmade beard oils

Beard oil is essential for maintaining facial hair. Aren’t familiar with beard oil? That’s okay; tons of bearded men aren’t familiar with the benefits of using oil on their facial hair.

High quality beard oils (as well as high quality beard balms and beard waxes) help rejuvenate your facial hair ensuring that you maintain a healthy-looking beard. The oil helps to soften brittle hair shafts ensuring your face doesn’t feel itchy or prickly. Need another benefit? Oils also help to moisturize the skin. Simply rubbing a few drops of beard oil into your growing beard means that you can say goodbye to that awful scratchy sandpaper feel that you get as your facial hair grows in.

A relative newcomer to the grooming game, Toronto-based startup Beards & Beavers has a great selection of beard products to help fight scratchy, smelly beards. Their motto is “nothing but love for the bear’ and B&B is developing a Canadian bro fan base for their variety of handmade bead oils that are made from a blend of high-quality essential oils. For the scent obsessed the brand’s beard oils come in: Smasher (chocolate orange), Greaser (anise and coffee beans) and Lumberjack (birch bark and vanilla). For those who prefer their beard smelling au naturel, they also have a non-fragranced version called Buck Naked.

Beards & Beavers Beard Oils cost $29.99 and are available at select retailers and online. Bonus if you are a Torontonian… The grooming brand offers free deliveries within the GTA.

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