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How do you revive a sagging industry? How do you make something old and familiar feel new again?

One of the ways that Cineplex has attempted to inject new life into going to the movies has been unveiling their VIP theatres, a collection of 19+ sections in various theatres that feature lounge areas, cocktail menus and more than the traditional popcorn and candy offerings coupled with wider aisles and larger, comfier seats to take the movie-going experience to a different level.

While VIP cinemas aren’t going to turn the North American movie industry around entirely – it’s been in decline for some time – they do offer a fresh, more enjoyable experience than rolling up to your local movie house and catching the latest new release.

Thinking of doing dinner and a movie? Now you can do it in the same place without having to hope your date is cool with grabbing a hot dog or nachos of a slice of pizza as a meal. The lounge menues are no different than what is offered at Cactus Club, Moxie’s or the like: appetizers, various sandwiches and salads and better burgers more toppings than just cheese.

The small bites are better. The big bites are better. And the beverage choices are much, much better.

From local craft beer and quality on tap selection to classic cocktails, you can post up in the lounge for an hour or more before your movie, enjoy some solid food and beverage and then fall into a luxurious leather chair as you watch whatever you’ve headed out to see.

But it’s not just the lounge set-up that makes VIP a tremendous experience.

Want to watch the pre-show, but also getting hit with a hankering for the standard movie theatre fare? No problem since VIP comes with in-seat service. You can just sit back, enjoy the pre-show and they’re come take your order and deliver it to you right up until the previews get ready to roll, standard movie munchies and the non-traditional stuff too, including the beverage selections.

Good deal, right? Dinner, drinks and a movie, all brought to you in a comfortable seat? Sold.

While catching a movie at VIP is slightly higher than heading into a normal theatre, the improve amenities and offerings (plus smaller crowds and zero audience members under the age of 19) justify the price and make picking between going old school or going VIP a difficult choice when you’re picking your theatre.

If you haven’t done the VIP experience yet, you have to treat yourself next time you’re heading to the movies. If you have, let us know what you liked and disliked and whether you still do the VIP thing from time-to-time.

To find a Cineplex VIP theatre in your area, check out

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