Want A Career Boost? Four Plastic Surgery Procedures May Be The Way To Achieve One 

Want A Career Boost? Four Plastic Surgery Procedures May Be The Way To Achieve One 

Plastic surgery isn’t as daunting as it used to be. In a 2020 report by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, five plastic surgeries were deemed the top go-to procedures for men and included, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, cheek implants, liposuction and ear surgery. New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine agrees and believes that many procedures can even enhance your career. Here are four of his recommendations and the reasons why you may want to consider undergoing an aesthetic revival.

Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty

If you have puffy, tired, lower eyes or extra upper eyelid skin, it can make you look old and tired. Definitely two things you don’t want to appear as being, while climbing the corporate ladder. “As people navigate fields where appearances matter (or where aging makes someone potentially out of touch with a particular field),” explains Dr. Levine, “staying young, youthful, and refreshed has significant value.”

Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are a lot of men who do not like their nose. And if that’s you, you’re well-aware of how that can negatively impact your confidence. “It can also affect their ability to take charge both at work and at play,” notes Dr. Levine. “Feeling more comfortable with one’s nose can be transformative for people of many ages.” And this confidence boost may even help you secure the promotion you’ve been seeking.

Hair Transplant

Fact: Male-pattern baldness is prevalent. And while rocking the bald eagle has become more acceptable and popular, many men just aren’t ready to go that route. “There are some people where this has a minimal impact on their confidence level, and they may even shave their head,” affirms Dr. Levine. “However, there are others where it severely affects their ability at work. After hair transplant surgery it is not unusual for people to feel like they can excel in so many areas. Many men also struggle with hair loss. Many of the treatments do not require anything procedural. Helping address hair loss with dermatologic remedies as well as a plastic surgery can be a huge value.”

The LevineLift

A new face and neck lift method designed by Dr. Elie Levine, this procedure integrates multiple modalities to optimize results, while ensuring a youthful, radiant complexion. “The procedure combines treatment of the SMAS foundation layer of the face with fat transfer, as facial aging is not only about laxity but about volume loss,” explains Dr. Levine. “In addition, the infusion of stem cells with fat transfer exponentially enhances the radiance and youthful glow.” Additionally, Dr Levine can perform a combination of muscle and skin treatment of the neck with laser and radiofrequency tightening, offering the very best results from any rhytidectomy.

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