Summer Is Heating Up: How To Stay Cool And Stylish

The month of August always seems to be dotted with heat warning days in most cities across the country. We are in that time of year when the summer heat is cranked to full blast. And this can be a challenge for even the most stylist men out there. It can be hard to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat. Sure, you can strip down to shorts, tank tops, and flips flops. But we think those looks are best reserved for the beach not the city streets. Fear not, here are our top tips and tricks to stay cool no matter what outfit you pick out.

Stay cool with cooling sprays
There are many sprays out there on the market that offer refreshment through water misting in an aerosol can but we love that Saje stepped up the game. Saje’s cooling spray features natural oils from peppermint, eucalyptus, and basil to help you cool down. This guy works even better if you keep it refrigerated but will also offer a refreshing cool at room temperatures. Simply close your eyes and mouth, then spray your entire face and on the back on your neck for an instant cool down.

Powder it to stay dry
When the temperatures rise, many of us continue our work out regimes but take them outdoors. Even those who aren’t gym bunnies, often find themselves exercising more than they are used to. All that extra heat (and sweat) can lead to unwanted chaffing. Fear not, there are lots of powders out there that are great to keep your skin silky, smooth and dry for enhanced comfort and chafe-free workouts. And they also work great to keep your feet sweat free when you go sockless in those summer shoes. Dry Down Friction-Free powder from Jack Black will save your day – and your ski. The ultra-fine, talc-free formula quickly absorbs moisture to offer exceptional protection from friction and irritation, for refreshing comfort in the most demanding environments.

Listen to your grandfather, wear an undershirt. It will help you stay cool
We know that wearing undershirts may seem old school. And to be honest, they are known to commit many a fashion crime. No one likes to see your bright white undershirt under your slightly too thin white shirt. But wearing an undershirt (we’re fond of these NVSBL undershirts) in the summer can help combat those dreaded underarm sweat marks. Enter that come in a range of skin tones to help that undershirt disappear under your dress shirt. Perfect way to stay dry and fashionable.

Carry wipes to stay cool and fresh
Forget blotting papers and opt for some all over body wipes. All over body wipes cleanse, hydrate, and deodorize all at once. We love the ones from Jack Black. These bad boys are formulated for both face and body, the extra-thick 8” x 6” cloths are perfect for a full-body refresher when showering is not an option. These are the perfect items to toss in your briefcase or gym bag. Just pull one out on those days your face is feeling greasy for an instant refreshing. Further the oversized cloth is perfect when you want a quick refresher during the day – just take off your shirt and do a full upper body wipe down. You will be heading back to work feeling fresh and smelling fresh.

Bandana it
Thanks to shows like Queer Eye and every hipster on Instagram, bandanas as a fashion accessory have made a comeback. Wear them rolled and styled around your neck or as a 80s inspired headband. The bandana will not only up your style game but they help to keep you ‘cool’ by absorbing sweat and keeping you dry.

Wear a hat
But not just any hat. Wear a hat made of straw or other breathable materials. Hats are great for keeping the sun off your head and out of your eyes but did you know wearing a ball cap can actually make you warmer? That’s because a lot of heat is released out of the top of your head and if your hat isn’t breathable it will trap it. This make your body temperature rise – making you even hotter. So opt for a great straw hat or a trucker style cap with the mesh back.

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