Vans Drops A Van Gogh Collection

Over the past few years, it feels like Vans has upped their ‘cool’ factor with a slew of new collaborations. The classic skate shoe has become more and more cultural relevant again thanks to partnerships and collaborations with artists, designers, musicians and other pop culture brands. The cross pollination of ideas often leads to tight capsule collections that sell out quickly. Their latest capsule, Vans x Van Gogh, to drop was designed and created through a partnership with the Van Gogh Museum. That’s rights, Vans have gone Van Gogh.

The ‘Great Masters’ seem to keep popping up again within pop culture and fashion, but this collection takes them to the street. And makes them feel young again. The artfully designed collection utilizes classic Van< Gogh masterpieces, from different time periods in his career, across iconic Vans Classics silhouettes. Further, this collection also includes some great apparel pieces, including jackets and tees. But this isn’t just about making a cool capsule collection of shoes. The Van Gogh Museum will dedicate a portion of its profits from this project to the preservation of Vincent van Gogh’s legacy and collection of art; ensuring it is accessible for future generations. Win win for art and for streetwear. And for your feet. But is it any good? Of course it is. The collection is split into smaller capsules thanks to five of Van Gogh’s works, here’s are favourites:

When Van Gogh began to formally study art, he centered his focus around color theory through a series of skeletons that captured shade and light in an irreverent and dark expression. These studies have come to life across the vamps of the Classic Slip-On, long sleeve tee, hoodie and hat with Van Gogh’s human skull placed expertly across each silhouette with subtle details of the artist’s handwriting and brush strokes hidden in a re-imagined checkerboard print. These classic slip-ons with the skulls are a must for any fashion forward sneaker collection.

But if you are willing to be a bit more adventurous and dive into more colour, opt for one of the colorful renditions come from two of Van Gogh’s most recognized works, Sunflowers and Almond Blossom. The classic Van Gogh sunflowers have been dissected to cover every panel of the Authentic and is carried through to the Sunflower Boyfriends Tee and the Sunflower Hoodie. Almond Blossom symbolizes new life and represents Van Gogh’s search for serenity. Plus they feel very on trend for this season. In order to  bring the print and its colors to life, Vans designers digitally printed on satin material to cover the Almond Blossom Bomber, hat and backpack.

Besides sunflowers, Van Gogh’s most famous paintings just might be his self portraits. His series of self portraits were all about trying to capture himself while using bright, unblended colors. And while it worked wonderfully on canvas, it actually looks even cooler on a pair of shoes. For the collection, you can find Van Gogh’s self-portrait atop the Authentic and on a complimenting Van Gogh Oversized Tee.

Each piece from the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection will also include a special hang tag that highlight historical facts behind each piece of Vincent Van Gogh’s art. The Vans x Van Gogh Museum Collection is now available to shop at, at Vans retail stores and at select stores that carry Vans.

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