About Face: Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean Trio of Facial Serums

Above: Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean's trio of facial serums
About Face: Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean Trio of Facial Serums

Facial serums. You’ve heard about them. Maybe even rubbed their highly concentrated, active ingredients onto your face from time to time. Adding a serum into your grooming routine is smart business. But you know that.

You’re also aware of their benefits. How serums are lightweight moisturizers that absorb quickly to provide you with a myriad of feel good, look good benefits. And because you’re no longer a serum newb, you also make sure that, like your Calvin Kleins, you put yours on first, far beneath everything else you slap on. Good. It also means you’re ready to kick your game up a notch. It’s time to go organic.

Organic facial serums, like Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean’s latest trio—Rose & Citrus, Lavender & Magnolia and Rose & Geranium—work just like regular serums and will ultimately provide the exact same outcome as the one you’re using right now. But here’s the thing. Because serums are renowned for their concentrated and powerful ingredients and their ability to sink deep, deep down into your dermis to eradicate acne, wrinkles and more, it makes sense to use a natural, not chemical-based product for your needs. Right? Of course. And, since your skin is ever changing, it’s also a smart idea to have more than one on hand to suit and solve your every conundrum.

For purifying and regulating excess oil, options like Rose & Citrus work best to balance your skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory that calms, heals and eliminates acne. Serums containing Lavender & Magnolia soothe, relieve and hydrate dry skin banishing fine lines and wrinkles, while Rose & Geranium boost elasticity and remove dead skin cells leaving your face looking younger with a healthy glow.

Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean’s serums are each $50 for 14 ml to $100 for 45 ml and are available online at Pretty, Simple, Honest & Clean.

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