Is It Possible To Over Exfoliate?

Is it Possible to Over Exfoliate?

We know that skin exfoliation is imperative for achieving healthy skin. It’s why you’ve been scrub-a-dub-dubbing your face with granular skin cleansers, facial gloves, body loofahs, chemical-based washes and toners and more for, well, as long as you can remember.

Because as you age, the rate of your skin’s cell turnover slows down…a lot, making the dead cells on your skin’s surface hang around. And when they do, and aren’t removed, they can accentuate crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, and they can make your complexion look dull and lifeless. When you remove them through regular exfoliation, though, you are actually improving the condition of your face by unclogging pores which leads to a healthier looking and feeling skin tone and texture. Still, it possible to exfoliate too much. The experts at Featuring…You Salon in Toronto share six warning signs of over-exfoliated skin.

Flaky Skin
Over-exfoliation can lead to rough, dehydrated, patchy, and flaky skin. “This usually means your over-exfoliated skin has lost its ability to absorb or retain moisture,” explain the experts at Featuring…You Salon.

Oily Skin
“Sometimes” say the experts at Featuring…You Salon, your skin might produce excess oil as a way of compensating for lost oils due to over-exfoliation.” Your skin does this to hydrate and protect itself.

When you over-exfoliate, you weaken the skin and damage its defense. “This makes it easy for acne-causing bacteria to get into the skin and cause pimples to breed,” explain the experts at Featuring…You Salon.

Tight and Dry Skin
Once your skin is stripped of its natural oils, it might lose its natural lubrication. “Over-exfoliating will make your skin feel tight and dry,” add the experts at Featuring…You Salon.

Irritation and Redness
Skin irritation is one of the earliest signs of over-exfoliation. “It’s normal for your skin to turn slightly red after exfoliation but, if your skin remains red for hours or days after you exfoliate, you’re probably over doing it,” advise the experts at Featuring…You Salon.

If you have shiny, translucent skin after exfoliating, it may mean you have done some damage. “The shininess shows after your skin has been stripped of its original texture,” say the experts at Featuring…You Salon. It can also mean that the skin barrier has been weakened, making its appearance seem unnatural.

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