Men’s Style Q&A: Are Double-Breasted Jackets Back In Style?

Are double-breasted jackets for guys a thing?

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QUESTION: I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing double-breasted jackets lately. Are those back in style? If so, is it a trend worth buying into?
Rejean, Toronto

ANSWER: If the ‘go to’ jacket of skinny guys and business behemoths has been working itself back into the sartorial spotlight, then Spring/Summer 2014 is its homecoming party. Seemingly every designer is offering at least one double-breasted piece this season.  At Zegna, they’re oversized and unstructured. At Michael Bastian, impeccably tailored. Printed at Alexander McQueen.

And while it might seem that investing in just another “trend” is risky, the truth is that the double-breasted jacket isn’t really a trend at all. Rather, it’s a wardrobe staple. One, Rejean, you should most definitely buy into. But be smart. A double breasted jacket itself makes a statement, so going with something trendy – printed, coloured buttons, etc. – is only going to give it a shelf life. Instead, spend your money on something that will literally last you forever: a fitted, navy or grey, wool, ‘six-on-two’ – six buttons with two functioning – blazer with a peak lapel.

The beauty of sticking with a classic is that you can dress it up or down. Feeling bold? Bust out the printed trousers. Dinner with the in-laws? Pair it with a collared shirt, trousers and loafers. Remember, it doesn’t have to be dressy. We think it looks killer with a white crew neck t-shirt, denim and a pair of sneakers.

Now, to be fair, the double breasted jacket isn’t for everyone. The button stance and extra fabric tend to add width through the torso, so if you’re five feet nothing, stocky, or have quite a few pounds to shed, there are better jacket options for you.

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