Fragrance Of The Month: Valentino Uomo Born in Roma EDT

This month? We try out Valentino Uomo Born in Roma EDT

Whether you were born in Rome or Airdrie, Alberta, this brand new cologne from Italian kingpin designer Valentino is a must own, display and spritz. The sexy, spicy, woody eau imbibes youth, energy, exhilaration and ownership. And let’s be honest, would we really expect anything less from the man who transformed red from being the scarlet colour to the most coveted and sensual hue a woman could put on. No.

Naturally, his classic aesthetic bleeds into his male scents and thankfully so.

Opening with earthy mineral, salt and violet leaf notes, Born in Roma transports your senses to the centuries-old cobblestone streets of the vaulted city. Botanical sage and crisp spicy ginger soon come forward ensuring your experience through the historic area is filled with fresh, new and youthful energy. Sharp vetiver and warm wood complete the eau, grounding you in its sensual appeal. Aromatic and modern, you won’t want to wear anything else.

And like it’s Uomo predecessors, this flacon follows suit with its heavy ridged glass and ombre black hue. The brand’s name however, is marked in a brilliant pink shade as a reminder that while the past is important, the future and what you make of it is more so.

Valentino, Uomo Born in Roma EDT is $90 for 50 ml and $120 for 100 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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