Lacoste Swaps Out Iconic Croc Logo To Help Endangered Species

Above: Lacoste's limited-edition endangered species polo shirts
Lacoste Swaps Out Iconic Croc Logo To Help Endangered Species

Lacoste has temporarily replaced the iconic crocodile logo on its polo shirts with the images of 10 endangered species from around the world to help counter the threat of extinction. The polo shirts are part of a limited collection supporting the “Save Our Species” campaign that launched during Paris Fashion Week on March 1st.

For the collection, Lacoste has limited the number of shirts produced to each of the 10 threatened species population sizes. Of the 1,775 shirts available, the Anegada iguana, had the largest print run with 450 shirts available. In contrast, the Gulf of California porpoise had the smallest print run, with just 30 shirts available.

Proceeds go to International Union for Conservation of Nature, an international advocacy organization working to protect nature and ensure the survival of the 10 endangered species.

Lacoste’s crocodile logo was first introduced back in 1936, and the French fashion brand has never before sold shirts featuring other animals.

You can shop the limited edition Lacoste x Save Our Species polos at

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