5 Irish Beers To Try This St. Patrick’s Day

There's a notable Irish brew for all types of beer lovers (Photo: Wollertz/Shutterstock)

St. Patrick’s Day is a welcome excuse to grab a pint of Guinness or green coloured beer. This year, celebrate the holiday with five authentic Irish beers that are delicious in March, and every other month of the year.

Kilkenny Irish Red Ale

Made by the same creators as Guinness, Kilkenny is an Irish red ale that is made in the oldest brewery in Ireland. The creamy beer, which uses nitrogen to carbonate it, is served with a head of foam. Kilkenny has seen a rise in popularity the past year after being embraced by several Canadian celebs like Drake.

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Murphy’s Irish Stout is often marketed as an alternative to Guinness, although it is less heavy and less bitter than its competition. Traditionally, Murphy’s was seen as an elite craft beer, while Guinness was considered the mainstream choice. The stout is has a strong caramel taste and its texture is often compared to chocolate milk.

Harp Lager

If you’re looking for a lighter beer this St. Patrick’s Day, try Harp Lager. The pale lager launched in 1960, and is one of the more popular Irish beers in North America. With a mellow aroma and slightly sweet taste, Harp is also a great choice for a warm summer day.

O’Hara’s Irish Stout

Made by the Carlow Brewing Company, O’Hara ‘s is brewed with locally sourced Irish malts. The dark beer is full-bodied with a tart, espresso-like bitterness and light liquorice notes. The O’Hara’s brand also makes a pale ale and double IPA.

Porterhouse Hop Head Ale

Porterhouse Brewing Company has made a name for itself in North America for its oyster stout. But, the company also offers a large selection of ales and lagers. The Hop Head is a bitter pale ale with fruity citrus notes.

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