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Sunset over the Plaka, the old town of Athens, Greece, with the Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis

Athens is well known around the world for its amazing sights, incredible museums, and access to phenomenal vacation spots on the Greek islands. Unbeknownst to some, the Grecian capital also sports one of the most diverse collections of bars and hideaways of any European city. Here’s your insider’s guide to the best watering holes in Athens, whether you’re looking for a wild night on a short vacation, or a chill spot to stay a while.

Loser, 45 Voulis Street, Syntagma
Loser is a winner! This small, dim bar with a tiny patio is in the heart of Syntagma, the downtown Athens core. You’ll love the tropical plants and vibes neon lighting everywhere you look. Pack in close to the bar and order any of their awesome cocktails, or just soak in the personality at this hotspot for hip locals.

Intriga, 60 Dervenion Street, Exarchia
A classic pub with an Athens twist, this wood finished wonder is two floors of fun. Find it in the centre of Exarchia, an Athens neighbourhood well known for its intellectual crowd and night-owl personality. You can grab a coffee and hang on the patio in the morning, or select from Intriga’s huge craft beer and bar rail selection once the sundown hits. Stay a little later for the Dj sets and alternative playlists. And here’s a tip: it’s the only spot for a draft Guinness in the area!

Barreldier, 7 Voulis Street, Stoa Bolani
This waxed wood bar with glassware hanging above your head is a definite spot to pick up a classic cocktail. You’ll be wowed by the selection of liqueurs, syrups and apperitifs. If gastronomy is more your vibe, you have to try to the amazing ground beef burgers. This spot does classy pub vibes right, and serves all day snacks with an emphasis on products sourced from Greece. Take a walk up to Loser after, it’s just a few doors down!

Bilatz, 6 Plateia Agiou Georgiou, Kypseli
Bilatz is a cozy coffee bar and drink spot well known to the Athens locals but mostly untouched by tourists. The reason? It’s hidden away in the little known Plateia Agiou Georgiou(St. George’s Square), 15 minutes away from the National Archaeological Museum in Kypseli. Grab a signature cocktail off the menu in the evening, grab something from the all day food, or pop in for a coffee and a juice before hitting the nearby sights.

7 Jokers, 7 Voulis St, Syntagma
If you’re bar crawling in Syntagma, make 7 Jokers your last stop. This after-hours spot is a favourite of locals and bartenders of other shops just getting off their shift, because 7 Jokers stays open til 7 am. You’ll know it by the marionettes hanging in the corners, but you’ll stay for the custom drinks supplied by the bartenders— just ask for something unique.

TAF The Art Foundation, Normanou 5, Monastiraki
Patio season is here all year round at TAF! TAF is a contemporary art gallery hosting local and national artists every month. You can visit the attached patio bar whenever, but for best results head to their facebook page to find the next event, and when you’ve had your fill of the show, head back to the patio for a drink under the tree-line with Athens’ famous intelligentsia.

Drunk Sinatra, Thiseos 16, Panepistimio
Drunk Sinatra is atmosphere in a bottle. Step into this red lit bar and weave through the crowd for a unique cocktail and great music selections. Drunk Sinatra is a few euros more expensive than some of the other bars in the area, so spend wisely and make it your night-cap.

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