Below The Belt

Let’s talk about your balls. Yes, it’s awkward and highly personal, but if you’re tired of shaking talcum powder into your shorts or even spritzing your deodorant down there to keep things fresh and minimize chafing, keep reading. Because you’ve got more options than simply accepting that men get sweaty balls.

Whether you’ve got big ones or marble-sized your balls don’t get out much. They’re trapped under layers of fabric, your underwear and your clothes, which can create an uncomfortably warm environment especially if you keep your package “natural” or if you’re a fan of tighty-whities or skin-tight hipster pants. Factor in a workout or quick game of pick-up on the outdoor basketball court and you may as well as strap on a diaper for all the waterworks going off below your belt.

Showering and lathering up with soap once a day is always great hygiene, but for all of the in-between moments you need to use products like Below the Belt Grooming’s Fresh & Dry Balls and Instant Clean Balls. Available in “Fresh,” “Active” and “Cool” scents, these items are essential for keeping nasty odours, jock itch, swamp crotch and sweat away. Their formulations are dermatology tested, gentle on sensitive skin, vegan and cruelty free and offer a no muss no fuss application too, so you can confidently wave goodbye to talc and deodorant’s fussy white residue. The Fresh & Dry Balls’ deodorant-like gel works best applied after you get out of the shower in the morning and lasts for about eight hours, but the Instant Clean Balls should be tossed into your gym bag or briefcase for those need to freshen up moments when showering isn’t possible. The end. You can consider the awkward portion of this article now over.

Below the Belt Grooming, Fresh & Dry Balls and Instant Clean Balls, from $10 each, available online at

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