Your Health (yup, it includes your skin) Checklist

We make lists for everything from to-do checklists and bi-annual car maintenance to work priorities and home repairs. So, it only makes good sense to create a checklist for your health—everything that goes into keeping your body and skin tickity-boo. Here are five ways the folks at MedStar Health say you can start thinking about, making a list of and then, naturally fulfilling your best-health checklist to stay in tip-top form.

Face forward
We know you use sunscreen daily, why wouldn’t you, but do you ever take a close look at the markings on your skin? We’re talking about dark bags, puffy ones, dark circles and wrinkles forming around your eyes. These unsightly imperfections can be reduced and even obliterated with the right under eye creams. Daily application can keep restless nights from appearing on your face as equally as staving off aging. Additionally, you’ll want to keep an eye on the unusual, such as skin tags, redness and hyperpigmentation, as they may be indicators of sun damage, aging and everything in between.

Protect your heart
Heart disease is the number one killer of men. Healthier food choices build a healthier heart – make fruits and vegetables half of your plate. Visit your primary care provider for regular blood pressure screenings, cholesterol checks, and heart disease prevention counseling. If you are not sure if you may be at risk for heart disease or stroke, take a MedStar’s free, confidential heart risk assessment.

Stay active and wash up
We know you hear this often, but getting just 30 minutes of exercise each day can help you live longer and healthier. Plus, sweating is good for your skin, releasing toxins, dirt and grime that can later be washed away with a face and body cleanser in the shower. The warmer months are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities too, such as walking, hiking, golfing, tennis, biking, and pick-up games such as basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, frisbee, or flag football. Remember to warm up and cool down, stay well hydrated, and wear sunscreen. MedStar Health Urgent Care and MedStar eVist are excellent care options if playing weekend warrior results in injuries or health concerns.

Get preventative screenings
Getting regular check-ups can catch small concerns before they become big problems. See a primary care doctor for a check-up every year to discuss which health screenings are best for you. And don’t forget to have body and/or facial moles looked at too. You can also take MedStar’s free and simple lung cancer and colon cancer risk assessments at home.

Quit for life
Do we really need to say it? Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, and even a greater risk of erectile dysfunction. MedStar Health offers free virtual smoking cessation classes. Call 855-218-2435 for more information.

Embrace your mental wellbeing
Life can be tough and talking things through with a mental health professional can help. Begin with an honest discussion with your primary care provider about your emotional health. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and substance abuse are not uncommon for men, and addressing these concerns is key to a long, happy life.

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