7 Deadly Men’s Fashion Sins Every Guy Should Avoid

7 Deadly Men's Fashion Sins Every Guy Should Avoid

With every passing year men seem to get better and better at dressing themselves with less help from others but there are still some offenses we see regularly that need to be stopped. So take this as a call to action – go through you wardrobe and purge yourself of these deadly fashion sins.

Skinny jeans
This one might be tricky to comprehend. We are not suggesting men should go back to days of ill fitting and oversized jeans. We aren’t even suggesting you dust off those bootcut jeans. But we are saying that jeans that could be referred to as jeggings (leggings made of denim) need to be expunged from your wardrobe. You are not in a boy band; you are not Iggy Pop. Move on.

Cargo shorts
Urban folklore tells us that cargo shorts were first invented for use in the military but we are pretty sure a company that just wanted to make you look bad invented them (we won’t name names). Either way, do you really need all those pockets? Are you invading a foreign land? We rest our case.

Vintage rock t-shirts
These have been popping up all over social media; celebrities with no edge (and very little personality) seem to be all about rocking out with rock tees. None of them look like they ever even listened to Metallica or other trash metal bands. If you did not attend the concert and buy the t-shirt there then you probably have no cred wearing it. After all they are called concert t-shirts for a reason.

Vests without suit jackets
There is only one exception to this rule and  is if you are working valet.

Your DIY side cut tank
You saw other guys at the gym wearing t-shirts with no sides to them; you secretly enjoyed how much they showed off his side pecs and figured you had been working hard enough to show off yours too. You went home and DIY’d a sleeveless tee buy cutting the arm holes all the way down to your waist. If you like crafting so much, you should pick up macramé or scrapbooking and toss the tank.

Square-toed shoes
Black square-toed dress shoes; we seem them all the time on men headed to work thinking they look more professional in them. But they can often come across as shoes that were crafted to elevate your back pain. On the other hand, too pointy and you fall into pimp daddy territory. We understand your pain; just don’t let your shoes look painful.

White tube socks
These are never okay; no man ever needs these in their wardrobe. With the plethora of socks out there you can easily avoid this crime.

Bonus tip:
Beanies in warm weather. One could blame this on the recent resurgence of 90s grunge in fashion but beanies never seemed to have left long enough to stage a return. If it is warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts then it is too warm from a beanie.

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