Make Your Bed More Inviting

Make Your Bed More Inviting

As of late, you began to realize that sleepovers seem to happen less and less since you left college; your dates don’t seem to stay until morning (which may not be a bad thing) but what if they aren’t happening at all. Sure, you can blame it on your busy career but maybe it’s time to really take a look at your bed. Is it inviting?

Mismatched sheets, old flattened pillows, and that plaid comforter your mom bought you may have had some sort of  charm in college. And yes, if you were a hipster in Brooklyn, this still might work for you. But you are a grown man; you’ve graduated, and it’s time your bed did too. If you want your ‘sleepover friends’ to feel comfortable, it might be time to step it up. Don’t you want to be known for having the best bed in the land? Let us help you master a few bedroom skills that are design based only. Now, we’re not recommending you go all Martha Stewart on your bedroom ( aka don’t get your mom to do this for you); there are few simple ways to create a masculine, welcoming bed without blowing your wad.

Here are 8 ways to make your bed more inviting:

Get a bed
This might be obvious but we bet that some of you still have your mattress sitting on the floor. Or you think you upgraded by simply stacking your mattress on one of the metal bed frames with wheels. That is not a bed. Invest in a good platform bed, it’s clean and modern and definitively masculine. Ensure it has a headboard. Added bonus: you tuck your sheets and covers in with a platform bed, making it look cleaner.

Upgrade your sheets
Many people balk at the price of sheeting, now while we don’t insists on Frette sheets, just remember you spend almost as much time in bed as you do in that overpriced suit you bought. Maybe you can let yourself invest in your bed a  little too. Good sheets, like good shirts, just feel better on your skin (and  your bed mates skin). Buy a full set, unlike other publications we think a top sheet is necessary. And so will she. Add in a good quality duvet (we prefer feather but there are some great non-allergenic versions these days too) to add another layer of texture.

Invest in good pillows
As anyone who has been forced to layover in a cheap hotel know, a bad cheap pillow can ruin anyone’s night. Firm pillows look neater when making your bed but if you prefer softer, just make sure you place them behind a set of firm pillows when you make the bed. Add in pillow protectors to keep them fresh and clean longer. Just remember, more pillows make the bed more inviting but don’t go crazy with this (remember, this is not your mother’s bed with all those throw pillows). A queen size bed should have at least four pillows. And if the pillows take up more than a third of the length of your bed you have too many.

Buy a skirt for your bed
This is only necessary if you have opted for a bed where the box spring can be seen. Avoid the ruffles and get a box pleated skirt.

Create neutral territory
Luxury hotel beds are so inviting because they stick to this rule, keep it neutral in colour. Grey might be the new white and that is perfectly okay for your duvet but crisp white sheets always look best.

Added a fold blanket to the bottom of the bed
This will anchor the bed and is an opportunity to add in another texture like wool. Opt for a great graphic striped wool blanket for a little more colour.

Wash your sheets once a week
Think about everything that happens in that bed every week. Need we say more?

Make it every day
Nothing will ruin your chances on an unexpected sleepover than an unmade bed. Unmade beds aren’t sexy. Thy aren’t even acceptable.

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