Fragrance Of The Month: Paco Rabanne XS Night EDP

This month? We try out Paco Rabanne XS Night EDP…

It’s rare that a perfume is equated to math because, well, let’s face it fragrance is more emotive and creative than your basic 1 + 1 formula. But Paco Rabanne Pure XS Night EDP may just be the exception.

It’s gooey, sweet and spicy blend of caramel, vanilla and cacao with ginger, ginseng and myrrh is to blame, as it’s unabashedly decadent and sensual. It’s why we’re ranking it as a top 10’er on the sexy scents factor. A tough ranking to make considering the fragrance industry launched approximately 100 bottles and counting so far this year. According to Market Reports World, perfume companies are predicted to earn 6.2 per cent more than 2018’s USD $31.4 billion sales in the next five years…too many spritzes to count.

Yet, we predict Pure XS Night will play a big part in it.

But the numeric stimulation doesn’t end there. Consider this, the Spanish brand’s latest scent in its Pure XS roster is its lucky number seven. What began in 1994 as a fresh and woody eau overflowing with 17 botanicals, citrus and wood ingredients has since evolved into today’s masculine incarnation with a mere nine warm, sultry and cozy-up-to-me notes. And its glass bottle is more compact as well. The formerly tall, clear (or grey) and faceted flacon now boasts a hand-sized bottle in gradations of navy blue.

Add it all up and you’ve got one heady, powerful and enticing scent.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Night EDP is $110 for 100 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.


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