How To Maximize Your “Beauty” Sleep

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According to the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salon, beauty sleep for men is just as important as it is for women. After all, you can always tell when you’ve had less than your eight-hour’s worth of zzzs because the dark under eye circles and seemingly deeper fine lines on your face always gives you away. “During sleep, the muscles in your face finally relax after a long day,” explains the spa’s Team. “So paying attention to how you treat your skin during sleeping hours shouldn’t be overlooked.” Here’s are five ways you can help give your skin its beauty rest and maximize the benefits.

Get a full night of sleep
The best place to start for your skin and for your overall health is to get the recommended seven to nine hours of rest each night. Along with supporting brain function, growth and development and maintaining your physical health, sleepy time increases your skin’s blood flow, rebuilds collagen and repairs damage from the sun’s UV exposure, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

Wash your face before turning in
Going to sleep with a dirty face can affect the appearance of your skin. “You don’t want to give the day’s pore-clogging irritants the chance to sink in and do damage overnight,” says the Featuring…You Spa & Salon Team.
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Use a night cream to maximize the benefits of sleep
Because your skin is busyrepairing and rebuilding itself while you snooze, it’s also depleting your skin’s moisture by about 40 per cent, making using a moisturizer before bedtime a must.
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Sleep on your back
Believe it or not, but the experts at Featuring…You Spa & Salonsay that your sleeping position and the direction your face faces can impact your skin.Most wrinkles are caused by the expressions we make while we’re awake, “but wrinkles on the face and chest can result from sleeping on our stomachs or sides,” says the Team. So, an easy solution is to sleep on your back.”

Elevate your head
Is your snoring keeping your significant other awake at night or even possibly disrupting your sleep? If it is, you’ll not only need to apologize profusely, but also rest your head on a pillow that sits at an elevated position to your body in bed. “It can help reduce your snoring and the puffiness and circles under your eyes by improving blood flow,” says the Featuring…You Spa & Salon Team. And it can be as easy as putting an extra pillow beneath your favourite pillow.

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