You Can (And Will) Wear Camouflage Print This Fall

You can (and will) wear camo this season

Big news: it’s officially acceptable to wear camouflage print. I know it’s very perplexing, but that’s the beauty of fashion; after an application of contemporary details and alterations, have-been styles can resurface into ‘novel’ beings. With fashion gateway keepers like Comme des Garcons greeting the pattern with open arms this season, one can be confident about its presence. Nevertheless, the question still remains, how does one wear the look? After a history of bad PR, special consideration is required when wearing the print—heaven forbid your camo-infused outfit gets confused with the outdated species. With our baby-step camouflage guide, you’ll be sure to embrace the design successfully.

Here are four ways to implement the trend without looking trendy:

The Backpack

The Backpack

Didn’t see this one coming? Not many people remember that their backpack, one of the most well-received accessories this season, is an excellent canvas to employ thought-provoking colour, design and style [insert camouflage print here]. Also, camo and the quintessential green-and-black colour palette are distinct beings. Trying the pattern with greys or pinks (like 3.1 Phillip Lim did for Fall 2013) might be exactly the adjustment you need in order to sport the look.

The Collar

The Collar

The collar application can be characterized as “camo-chic.” It’s so modest yet only the fashionably aware would appreciate and attempt. For fall, pair a camouflage collar with a neutral knit sweater. The juxtaposition between camo’s strength and the knit’s cozy inhibition makes for a balanced appearance.

The Windbreaker


Fall can bring heavy winds. With a camo windbreaker, you can actually look good when fighting the unflattering climate. For extra cold-weather ammo add a minimal cotton hoodie underneath. Stemming from its military history, this camo look will provide your style with an extra boost of athleticism.

The Crew Neck Sweater


Crew Neck Sweater

Unlike so many trends, this one is here to stay for a little while. How do we know? When Givenchy put out boatloads (or should I say tank loads) of camouflage for their Spring 2014 Pre-Collection, you don’t argue. Well, you could argue, but you’d probably end up looking silly. Surely you must understand that we’re not strictly advocating wearing the full head-to-toe ensemble, but even just picking up a camo crew neck sweater this fall can go a long way.

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