Product Hype: Groom Hand Repair Cream

At the risk of sounding basic (which, btw, when did having life’s basic necessities become boring or bad? We’re so confused), you need an every day, all day hand cream, like Groom’s Hand Repair Cream.

Why? Because you touch stuff and then, you need to wash your hands to remove said stuff. Factor in pollution, the sun and aging, this environmental and biological wear and tear has to be countered or you’re not only going to have dry, sore and old-looking hands, they’ll feel like it too.

The Hand Repair Cream however, fixes all of that. It’s fuelled with moisturizing moringa butter, beeswax and jojoba extracts to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and supple. Barley extracts work hard to repair and soothe, while citrus zest, coriander seeds and rosemary add a fresh, light, sensory touch. It’s the perfect product to use too, especially after your washed up with Groom’s Hand Wash. The cream won’t feel greasy or slimy or even leave a tacky film on your hands. Plus, Groom is a Canadian owned and operated company, so they know what real men need. Enough said.

Groom Hand Repair Cream, $18 for 60ml, available online at

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