Watch 100 Years Of Men’s Grooming In 1 Minute

Above (clockwise): Men's grooming trends from 1910s, 1940s, 2010s and 1970s

As part of its popular 100 Years of Beauty series, the team at are showing a little Movember love with a new video on male beauty.

The video was made with to promote men’s health awareness and document’s men’s grooming trends in America from the 1910s until present day by referencing the different trends from each decade over the last century. Model Samuel Orson is given 11 different looks (everything from a flawlessly trimmed and styled handlebar mustache and slicked side-parted hair to today’s on-trend man bun) inspired by grooming advertisements and iconic figures from the decades by a team of stylists.

Check out how the face of men’s beauty has changed over the last 100 years below:

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