Men’s Glasses Trends For 2015: The Year Of The Soft Wire Frame

Above: Anne et Valentin, and Lindberg men's glasses frames

Forget last year’s chunky plastic frames, this year glasses aficionados are gravitating to a Harry Potter styled wire frame. It’s 2015 and we are noticing a drastic change in eyewear fashions, so we checked in with Toronto’s eyewear experts at Josephson Opticians to discuss current trends and what designers you need to check out.

The Style

For the last several years a heavier, chunky, plastic frame was the eyewear of choice for a bold and stylish look. As fashion always does, the style-of-choice has changed and 2015 is all about a light and soft metal frame. The experts at Josephon’s recommend avoiding harsh lines when picking your frames, which means shy away from square or rectangular frames. You’ll want to stick with the softness of a round or panto shaped frame. And, go for a medium to small frame.

The Colour

With the shift from plastic to metal, it isn’t surprising that there is also a shift in colouring.

If you are looking to change things up this year, Josephson Opticians recommends adding a little colour and picking a frame in burgundy, green or blue. Looking for a more traditional choice? Go with a metallic frame… Silvers and gold are your best bet. 2015 is all about mixed, contrasting elements on frames. Be on the lookout for frames that mix polished metals with matted, laminations of layers of opaque and translucent acetates, and matted metals fitted with shiny acetate insets. .

The Brands

There are tons of exciting eyewear designers to be on the lookout for in 2015. Designers like Mykita, Matsuda, Sama, and Tom Ford all have fashionable, thin metal frames in abundance. But, according to Josephson Opticians, there are two brands that really stand out this year…

“The most exceptional and stylish metal frames of the moment are from Anne et Valentin’s Symboliques collection,” says a representative of Josephson Opticians. It’s easy to see why. Anne et Valentin have created a line of polished frames that are light on the face, but still pop, making a strong statement. Glasses aren’t just for seeing, they are an accessory and Anne et Valentin gets that.

Lindberg’s n.o.w. collection is another great choice for men looking to combine a plastic frame with the light subtlety of metal. The thin, translucent plastic fronts still give you the strong lines that people loved in a chunky plastic frame, but the lighter colours and metal arms tone down the look, making your bold look feel soft.

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