Get Touchable Soft, Smooth Feet Without Ever Having to Touch Them Yourself

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Gross feet are a thing. And if you’re looking down at yours right now wondering if they fall into this category, chances are good that they do. But who cares, right? Mmm, pretty much anyone who’s into hygiene. Plus, and this is just an FYI, but girls tell their friends about guys with scary-looking feet. Just saying.

Not to be confused with ugly feet, because really there’s nothing you can do about your tragic hammertoe or the fact that 12 years of playing rugby ultimately blackened and bruised your big toenails to the point where they died, fell off and grew back in bumpy. No, this is all about scaly, dry, calloused, unattractive feet where your unkempt heels, sides and soles could make small children cry.

According to the National Foot Health Assessment, that covers 20 per cent of men at any given time. Although, foot care companies like, Arm & Hammer are working hard to lower this number with their healing (no pun intended) and deeply hydrating product, Heels & Feet Moisturizer Plus Gentle Exfoliators.

Fuelled with coconut oil and AHAs, Arm & Hammer’s feel-good formula hydrates your feet to restore them to optimum health, while exfoliating dead skin and helping prevent cracked heels. The formulation works quickly too, absorbing into your skin without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. But possibly the best part about this newbie product is it’s no-touch-required massage brush applicator. All you have to do is squeeze as much of the lotion as you want onto the bottoms of your feet and then use the massager to rub it into your skin leaving you hands free. Although we can’t promise your SO won’t get a little handsy once they realize your scratchy feet are a thing of the past.

Arm & Hammer Heels & Feet Moisturizer Plus Gentle Exfoliators, from $9, available at drugstores.



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