10 Comedians To Follow On Instagram

Above: 10 of our favourite comedians to follow on Instagram

Tired of just photos of sunsets and sandwiches in your Instagram feed? Add a few of these funny folks to your “following” list and you’re sure to have a chuckle or two as these comedians spice up your Instagram feed.

Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart mixes it up with videos (and who can help but laugh at his unique delivery and his hyper personality?) and photos from his family life, on set and out and about at basketball games, at the gym and in a hot tub. He may be only 5’4” but his humour serves up big laughs, even on Instagram.

Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye is obviously a big sports fan based on the number of games he includes photos of, but it’s the videos in particular on his account and his silly, boyish humour that gives us the most chuckles.

Paul F. Tompkins

From his Instagram feed Paul F. Tompkins is basically the funny friend you wish you had in your life. Largely focused on snapshots and observations from his day to day life as a comedian, including goofy selfies and photos with celebrity friends including B.J. Novak and Busy Phillips.

Chelsea Handler

If watching Chelsea Lately isn’t enough Chelsea Handler for you, then you can find her on Instagram, and yes, there’s loads of pics of her dog Chunk, Chuy and snapshots of guests on the show that night.

Nikki Glaser

Comedian Nikki Glaser pokes fun at herself from her childhood to present day on her Instagram account, and makes giggle-triggering observations about life on the road and at home. Her quick wit can be kooky and sarcastic—in a lighthearted way that makes you wish you could have her over for a dinner party.

Chelsea Perretti

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-nine will want to click “follow” for Chelsea Perretti, whose Instagram features a mix of personal photos (think dogs and ones of some meals  she’s enjoyed recently) along with some of her behind the scenes doing radio interviews and of her stand-up shows, captioned with her fun observations.

Jimmy Fallon

Precious photos of his daughter, ones keeping you up to date of key moments from Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show (including when Harrison Ford pierced Jimmy’s ear) and shots of him outside his favourite restaurants when he’s on the road.

John Heffron

Get a sense of what life on the road is like for a comedian by following John Heffron—updates on shows, sneak peeks of his wardrobe (an exciting series of button-downs) and even the occasional foodporn shot of the junk-y meals he’s eating.

Joe Mande

Much of Joe Mande’s Instagram promotes his albums or shows, but there are also plenty of fun emoji-accented photos that pokes fun at celebrities and the absurd things he encounters, like a urinal clogged with whole limes.

Chris Hardwick

The host of Talking Dead, stand-up comic Chris Hardwick has a steady stream of kooky Instagram selfies with celebrities (including everyone from David Hasselhoff to Arnold Schwarzenegger).

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