10 Top Moments From 6 Seasons Of ‘Californication’

Above: 10 favourite moments through 6 seasons of Californication
Above: 10 favourite moments through 6 seasons of Californication

The seventh and final season of Californication is set to premiere this Sunday April 13th at 9:30 PM Est. on Showtime. For a lot of fans, it’s going to be the end of something special. Not only is it one of the most entertaining and provocative shows to hit the air, but it also holds one of the most compelling love stories on television, as well as one of the most rooted for and idolized characters on television, Hank Moody. Who will not only go down in history as one of the best television characters ever created, but he’ll probably go down on your sister too (in his own words). But before we take the walk with Hank one last time in the final season to see if he does right by himself and reconnects with his true love for good, lets take a look back on the madness from its six season thus far.

There have been way too many great moments so far on the show, so creating a list of just ten was difficult, but nonetheless, here are ten of the most memorable Californication moments.

SEASON 1: Meet Hank Moody

In this scene, we meet Hank Moody for the very first time. He has a troubling case of writer’s block and is in search of some help from the man upstairs. Instead he finds a beautiful nun that offers to relieve him of some stress to hopefully open up the creative flood gates. This was clearly a memorable moment – perfectly setting the tone for a character that we were undoubtedly going to fall in love with, one crude remark and outrageous sexual escapade at a time.

SEASON 1: Hank buys a ride and gets a ride

Hank’s one-headlight Porsche became a staple for his character. So it not surprisingly brought about an interesting situation when he went to buy a new one. Here we see Hank run his swift mouth on the sales girl, while taking the car for a test drive and being the hero to the rescue to a couple arguing in a nearby vehicle. This leaves his seller impressed, offering Hank the extra features on the house in an abandoned lane.

SEASON 2: Runkle gets fired for masturbating on the clock

Charlie Runkle is that loveable, bald, man-baby putz, always fumbling his way into precarious and unsavory situations. This scene where he gets caught for masturbating in his office, while on the job, is no different. While he slyly tries to pawn off his session of self-indulgence as a one-time blunder, his boss has video evidence to prove that he’s lying through his teeth. Here we get to see Runkle cross the finish line one scrunched up face at a time.

SEASON 2: Hank’s letter to Karen

While Californication is categorized as a raunchy comedy, it’s much more than just a show about tits and ass. It was in Hank’s letter to, his love, Karen, that we get to see inside Hank’s soul and find out what the show is really about, true love. In Hank’s letter we got an inside look into the depth and magnitude of his and Karen’s romance, and how very real and powerful their love is. It was through lines like, “the next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation” where you really get to see the poetic and romantic nature at the heart of Hank Moody. It was lines like that that made you, not only want to root for Hank Moody, but root for his and Karen’s relaitonship. It also shows, even through all his sexual deviances and curt tongue, Hank Moody is a man that understands how things work, even if he can’t bring his ideals into reality. The themes of “trying to keep it all together when you’re falling apart” as well as “noble in thought, weak in action” become staples for our beloved Hank Moody. Another important Californication theme is that of fatherhood, which was highlighted in Hank’s letter to his daughter, Becca, from Season 4. It depicts the struggle Hank endures to be the right type of role model for his daughter. A man that loves his daughter beyond belief, Hank ultimately comes to the realization that while trying to give his daughter every bit of his heart, he, and his self-destructive habits are what end up hurting her most. You can catch Hank’s letter to Becca here.


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