2015 Oscars Live Blog: Live Commentary And Updated Winners

Welcome to the inaugural AmongMen Academy Awards Live Blog – I’m your host for the evening, E. Spencer Kyte.

(waits for applause… crickets)

We wanted to do this live blog as a way to have some fun on Hollywood’s biggest night – a chance to deliver instant, as-it-happens analysis and commentary on who won what, but also a platform to talk about the fashions, flubs and fantastic speeches and performances that are sure to come over the next several hours.

Before the show kicks of, you can check out our Oscar Predictions and remember some of the the times the Academy got it wrong or just get your snacks ready and jump on E! to watch Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic rope in celebrities as they make their way down the red carpet and into the Dolby Theatre.

Things will kick off full-blast here at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET and go until this year’s host Neil Patrick Harris tells us the night is over. BTW: super-excited about NPH hosting this year; he could handle the role for the next decade and no one would complain.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Oscar night!

See you inside.

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Hello Movie Lovers!

Welcome to Among Men’s 2015 Oscars Live Blog – I’m your host/blogger E. Spencer Kyte.

I’d have been here soon but I fainted when I saw Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet and only came to about two minutes ago. Good lord.

Anyway, we should have some fun tonight – we’ll keep a running tally of who takes home statues, break down some of the musical performances and acceptance speeches, and shower Neil Patrick Harris with tons of praise because there is no way that this dude doesn’t do an amazing job tonight as host.

Sit back, get your snacks and something to drink and enjoy.

It’s time for the 87th Academy Awards.

# # # # #

(all times Pacific because I live on the West Coast, where it’s not freezing cold and miserable.)

5:15pm: Chris Evans making sure to correct Robin Roberts and “friend zone” his date for the night. Ouch. Only way that isn’t painful is if there is a significant other at home for either one, but if that’s the case, why is she accompanying him? Awkward.

One last commercial break before the show kicks off.

Don’t forget to check out our predictions (find the link above) and share your thoughts on the night with us on Twitter: @AmongMenMag and @spencerkyte.

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5:30pm: NPH looking slick, as expected. Great pick as the host. Love the icebreaker right off the bat. Well done.

Here’s why he’s perfect – a potential Billy Crystal-type host. He’s able to knock out a flawless musical opening and it doesn’t feel forced at all. He’s killed it hosting the Tony Awards the last couple years and is already starting strong here.

Here come the co-stars of this opening: Anna Kendrick (love her) and Jack Black, who can be great, but really needs to get back to being High Fidelity Jack Black.

This was a great open – smooth, funny, entertaining. I have high hopes for tonight.

American Sniper joke that turns into an Oprah joke. Well played, NPH. Follows up with some self-deprication.

First Award: Best Supporting Actor

The nominees are: Robert Duvall (The Judge), Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), Edward Norton (Birdman), Mark Ruffalo (Foxcatcher), J.K. Simmons (Whiplash).

And the Oscar goes to… J.K. Simmons, Whiplash.

No surprises here and very well deserved – Simmons was amazing and this is also a great chance to recognize a veteran that is always working and always outstanding. Great speech – praise of his wife, jokes about the kids, advises everyone to call their parents, thank them and listen to them. Awesome.

This night is starting out strong.

Farmer’s Insurance joke from NPH – he’s on-point tonight. This is going to be fun.

5:45pm: Price-Waterhouse Coopers holding onto NPH’s Oscar predictions. They’re under lock and key. Tabs Octavia Spencer to watch over the briefcase containing his picks. Live stream of the briefcase available on abc.com as well.

Liam Neeson introduces the first two Best Picture nominees, The Grand Budapest Hotel and American Sniper.

Required Harvey Weinstein joke is out of the way early.

Dakota Johnson introduces Adam Levine and Maroon 5 doing “Lost Stars” from Begin Again, one of my favourite flicks from last year. Love this song too and Dakota Johnson looked smoking in her red dress. Levine plays a bit of a douche musician in the movie and does a version of this song that is really, really good, even if you don’t normally dig Maroon 5. Too bad they clipped the performance here. Ugh.

First commerical break of the night. Things are going well so far.

6:00pm: Everyone is 1-for-1 in their Oscar Pool right now too, unless someone opted to go off the board and pick against J.K. Simmons, which would have taken guts.

NPH calls the Oscars “The Dependent Spirit Awards” and mocks the gift bags.

Jennifer Lopez in a stunning dress and handsome Chris Pine presenting Achievement in Costume Design.

And the Oscar goes to… Milena Canonaro, The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s the fourth Oscar and ninth nomination for Canonaro, who praises GBH director Wes Anderson. Two speeches, no “wrap it up music” yet.

“This next presenter is so lovely, you could eat her up Witherspoon…”

NPH pauses, enjoying his lame joke that was intentially lame. Reese presenting Achievement in Makeup & Hairstyling.

And the Oscar goes to… The Grand Budapest Hotel. Frances Hannon gets her first Oscar on her first nomination and Mark Coulier is now 2-for-2 after winning for The Iron Lady a couple years ago. Gives a shout out to makeup artist Dick Smith that gets a round of applause.

Moving right along… “He’s the real deal, pants down. Did I say pants? I meant pants.”

Channing Tatum introducing the youngsters in the Team Oscar group, reads their names in a strange manner. It’s a nice recognition of some young filmmakers, but it could have been better. And Tatum has got a grizzly goatee that he really should have ditched unless he has to be on set tomorrow. C’mon Chan – step your game up. It’s the Oscars.

6:10pm: Nicole Kidman and Chiwetal Ejiofor presenting Best Foreign Language Film. Ejiofor looks sharp as always and Kidman doesn’t look as botox-y as usual.

And the Oscar goes to… Ida (Poland). First win in 10 nominations for Poland. Amusing acceptance speech about being at the epicenter of energy and attention after making a black and white movie that is the polar opposite of Hollywood. And there’s the wrap up music for the first time.

Drunk joke about his crew. Really dragging this out. The wrap-up music ends, he keeps going, and more wrap-up music starts. Awesome.

Shirley McLaine out to present in a black sequin pant-suit and top with a matching choker. She’s introducing the next Best Picture nominees, BoyhoodThe Theory of Everything and Birdman.

6:15pm: NPH in the crowd. Saying “Hello” to people. Talking to a seat-filler named Heidi. And another named Laura. And Steve Carell, who goes with it and says he’s excited to meet Ed Norton.

Marion Cotillaird in a beautiful white dress introduces “Everything is Awesome,” performed by Canadians Tegan and Sarah and The Lonely Island. Still can’t believe that The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature.

This song is getting much more time than Adam Levine and Maroon 5 got for “Lost Stars.” On one hand, awesome because Tegan and Sarah. On the other, I really like “Lost Stars” and would have liked to hear the whole song. I do love that they handed out Lego Oscars during the performance though.

6:25pm: Just about an hour in and it doesn’t feel like it – that’s a good thing for an awards show. Great pacing and fairly smooth sailing thus far. Really dig NPH as the host to this point.

Kerri Washington and Jason Bateman out to present. Love Bateman’s career these days, great second chapter, and Kerri Washington is stunning and should be getting more film roles after killing it in Scandal.

And the Oscar for Best Live Action Short goes to… The Phone Call, Matt Kirby and James Lucas. First win for these two who make the walk from the second tier of seats. One of them shouts out his local bakery and future free donuts. Nice! Wrap up music… thanks all those working in crisis centres, including their moms.

And the Oscar for BEst Documentary Short goes to… Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1, Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry. Great speech thanking everyone working at the crisis centres and the veterans that ask for help. Dana Perry dedicates it to her son who committed suicide, saying we should talk about suicide out loud.

NPH teases her about her dress, which had a ton of puffy balls on it, saying, “It takes a lot of balls to wear a dress like that.” Perfect.

6:30pm: Viola Davis – looking stunning in a bare-shoulder silver (I think) dress and beautiful necklance – introduces the Honorary Awards (also known as the “We gave these awards out earlier in the week”) segment, making a joke about Hollywood being the only place something like this takes place. She’s right, of course.

NPH back in the crowd. Talking about British accents. Intros David Oyelowo, who looks sharp in a burgundy tux, to team up with him on a joke. Pokes fun at the Annie remake being a flop. Oyelowo does a good job with it.

Gwyenth Paltrow, with a giant pink flower/ruffle on her shoulder, introduces Tim McGraw peforming Glen Campbell’s Oscar nominated song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” McGraw is an all-time great that doesn’t get enough credit. Dude is sharp every time out and has done a solid job as an actor too. Plus he’s married to an absolute dime, Faith Hill.

Short version of the song again. It makes sense not trim them and it’s one of the things that will keep the show running on schedule, but it really would be great to hear a little more of them. McGraw knocks it out of the park though.

6:41pm: And we’re back with the standard, “From the control room” bit. NPH in his tighty whities. Doogie Howser is in great shape, making the Michael Keaton-in-Birdman walk as Miles Teller rips it on the drums.

NPH, in undies, “Acting is a noble profession…” introducing Margot Robbie and Teller. Long black dress, sheer sleeves, deep V opening for Robbie. Teller looks like a future leading man in his tux – keep an eye on that dude.

Highlight pack from the Scientific and Technical Awards.

6:45pm: Sienna Miller and Captain America up next, presenting Best Sound Mixing. Sienna Miller is still very attractive. As is Chris Evans. Handsome bastard.

And the Oscar goes to… Whiplash, Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins and Thomas Hurley. Praise for director Damian Chazelle, quick thanks to the teams and no Wrap Music. Good job guys.

And the Oscar for Best Sound Editing goes to… American Sniper. Miller cheers her film getting a statue. Second Oscars for the winners, who got one for another Clint Eastwood project, Letters from Iwo Jima. Shout out to the white tie too; I like the change, looked sharp.

6:50pm: Jared Leto out to present Best Supporting Actress in a light blue, skinny tux and white shoes. Quality Meryl Streep joke though from the 60 Seconds to Mars frontman.

And the Oscar goes to… Patricia Arquette, Boyhood.

Second slam dunk major award of the night. Arquette looks great in a black and white dress that sweeps over her right shoulder into a cape of sorts. I’m not a fashion guy, so sorry that my description doesn’t do it justice. She looks terrific.

Love that she put on her glasses and read a list of thank yous – you gotta be prepared. Makes a statement about wage equality and equal rights for women in the United States of America to wrap. Big cheers from Meryl Streep in the audience for that one. Time well used, Ms. Arquette!

7:00pm: Back to the Oscar Predictions briefcase.

“Here’s the Peeta who won’t throw paint on you, Josh Hutcherson.” He looks sharp – growing up well, if that makes sense. Introduces Rita Ora singing “Grateful” from Beyond the Lights, written by Diane Warren. Not a great performance from Ora, couldn’t quite get the high note.

NPH in a deep burgundy jacket, introduces Ansel Elgort and Chloe-Grace Moretz. Elgort rocking the “Eddie Redmayne,” deep navy, black lapel tux. He’s a future star too. So is CGM. Lots of awesome young talent getting some screen time tonight. Good decision.

They’re presenting the award for Best Visual Effects. And the Oscar goes to… Interstellar. They thank families and scientists before heading to the back to see if the rumours of a free drink with a statue is true.

Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick out next. She’s changed into a stunning pink dress with a diamond neck embelishment. He’s wearing a black shirt and bowtie with a white tux – not the best look. They’re presenting Best Animated Short… get it?

And the Oscar goes to… Feast, Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed. Family anf friends are thanked, no wrap music. Most of the winners get it this year.

7:10pm: NPH jokes about distracting the guys that made The Lego Movie and introduces Zoe Saldana, who looks amazing like always, and Dwayne Johnson, who is gigantic. Dude fills out a tux. Time for Best Animated Feature Film.

And the Oscar goes to… Big Hero 6.

This is a bit of an upset. Most expected How to Train Your Dragon 2 to get the statue here, but the Disney/Marvel team-up takes the prize. Long speech from the one dude talking as the wrap music starts. Gotta share the wealth up there, buddy – let the other guys talk.

7:20pm: Time for the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to give a speech. Touches on threats and issues surrounding The Interview without addressing it by name, saying the Academy works to make sure people get to say what they want etc. Good speech.

Chris Pratt and Felicity Jones out to “Hooked on a Feeling.” She looks stunning – grey dress with detailed top, open arms, enclosed neck – and he’s Chris Pratt, everyday handsome as always. They presenting Best Production Design.

And the Oscar goes to… The Grand Budapest Hotel. That’s three statues for Wes Anderson’s flick so far tonight, but that’s not a huge surprise. Feelings going into the night were that GBH would get a bunch of these awards and get shutout from the big prizes.

Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain out next as presenters. Stringer Bell is at the Oscars, people. Chastain with a shimmering diamond necklace, pushed up boobs and a clean navy dress. And the Oscar for Best Cinematography  goes to Emmanuel Lubezki for Birdman. It’s his second straight award in this category after winning for Gravity last year. Quick speech.

Two hours in, we’re moving along nicely. Going to blow passed the three-hour scheduling block, but whatever – the show has been very good so far.

7:30pm: Meryl Streep out in looking studious in a pant suit with glasses and a white blouse, intro’ing the In Memorium montage. She’s a perfect person to do this – classy, respected, earnest, genuinely emotional introducing this segment.

Jennifer Hudson out to sing a song I can’t name, but she’s powerful. She should have sung that song Rita Ora sang earlier in the evening; this girl has some pipes on her. Really would like to see more opportunities for Jennifer Hudson going forward, especially given how many musicals and projects with musical numbers are being made these days. Couldn’t she be a ringer for one of the teams in Pitch Perfect 2 or something?

Good fade to commerical, making the In Memorium a segment unto itself. Never like when programs/shows pay tribute to someone and then shuffle into something else; it’s always awkward. Go to break and come back fresh. High Five Oscars!

7:45pm: Naomi Watts and Benedict Cumberbatch out to present. He looks sharp – white coat, black pants. She’s lovely, silver with black accents, shimmering, open sides with black straps. They’re presenting Best Film Editing.

And the Oscar goes to… Tom Cross, Whiplash. Interesting… would have thought the “splicing together a movie over 12 years” Boyhood would win. Good win for Whiplash; really dope to see it getting more shine because it’s a terrific movie. Maybe a harbinger of a bigger win later? We’ll see.

Terrence Howard out to introduce the next set of Best Picture nominees, Whiplash, THe Imitation Game and Selma. He’s either a little tipsy, a little nervous or a little overcome by emotion… not sure. That was a weird intro to three great films.

By the way, makes no sense to me that Selma didn’t get more noms.

7:50pm: “It’s my pleasure to introduce two people who deserve to be here tonight… Jennifer Aniston and David Oleyowo.” Well done, NPH.

Can’t say enough about Oleyowo’s red tux. Bold. Memorable. Excellent. And Jennifer Aniston is and forever will be breathtaking.

And the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature goes to… Citizenfour.

NPH jokes about Edward Snowden, the subject of Citizenfour, not being in attendance. Throws to a commercial. Feels like he’s been trimmed down to setups and throws because the show is running long. Sucks because he’s been great. Just go over the time allotment. Who cares? Live sports do it all the time.

7:58pm: Prediction box joke, no Octavia Spencer in her seat though. “Please welcome Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.”

Spencer introduces Common and John Legend performing their song “Glory” from Selma. This is the favourite to win and an amazingly powerful song. Hope they get to do the whole thing. Mock up of the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the stage is a great touch. Love Common’s voice and flow; always have, always will. “I Used to Love H.E.R.” is still my favourite song of all time.

Powerful moment right there. Standing ovation, deservingly so. David Oleyowo with tears streaming down his cheeks. Chris Pratt too. It may have gotten dusty in the Kyte household too.

8:03pm: Joke about John Travolta butchering Adina Manzel’s name as she’s brought out to present. She introduces “Glom Gazingo” and out comes John Travolta, who goes along with the bit. He looks weird though, as usual. They’re presenting Best Original Song.

And the Oscar goes to… John Stevens and Lonnie Lynn, a.k.a. John Legend and Common.

It just got dusty in my house again… weird.

Common knocking this speech out of the entire building, talking about the Edmund Pettus Bridge and what it stands for now. John Legend following up talking about the connections between the story they wrote this song about and modern times. #MarchOn

Shout out to everyone that stood up and applauded following that speech – it wasn’t about politics, it was about people and we’re all people.

8:12pm: ScarJo… I’m about to faint again. That dress. That new haircut. That always gorgeous woman. Amazing. Introducing a tribue to The Sound of Music and a performance from Lady Gaga.

In case you were wondering (which you weren’t), I have a strong dislike for The Sound of Music from singing “My Favourite Things” in choir during Grade Four. Shout out to Mrs. Stanley and the crew from John Uyen Elementary in Chatham, Ontario.

Two awards shows in a row where Gaga drops all the accents and outfits and sings. Just like at the Grammys, she’s great. Maybe more singing and fewer meat dresses going forward, huh? Standing ovation for Gaga is well deserved.

8:20pm: Julie Andrews out to present and award and give Gaga a hug. Great moment. Julie Andrews still looks great by the way. She doesn’t age. It’s amazing. She’s presenting for Best Original Score.

And the Oscar goes to… Alexandre Desplat, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Dude had to win, he had two nominations in this category. GBH keeps stacking trophies.”Wes, you’re a genius. It’s good.”

Another commercial. Now it feels like we’re stretching for no real reason. Been 30 minutes since we’ve seen NPH.

8:30pm: Hey look – it’s the host! NPH introduces Eddie Murphy, who looks dapper in a white tuxedo jacket, presenting Best Original Screenplay.

And the Oscar goes to… Birdman. Not sure how this factors into the Best Picture race. Boyhood wouldn’t win on the strength of the screenplay, but on the accomplishment and achievement, but this is a big feather in the cap for Birdman and perhaps even Alejandro Inarritu for Best Director too. Great job by Inarritu to make sure everyone else gets a chance to say “thank you” before exiting… well done, sir.

Oprah out to present Best Adapted Screenplay.

And the Oscar goes to… Graham Moore, The Imitation Game. Oprah almost went into her “You get a car! You get a car!” voice announcing that. Graham Moore thanks The Academy… and Oprah. Good work! Speaks from the heart about trying to kill himself for feeling weird and different when he was younger and now he’s here… stay weird, stay different… dusty in here again. One of the best Oscar speeches ever.

8:40pm: NPH suggests Gone Girl’s original title was “Bitches Be Trippin’ Yo” as he intros Ben Affleck, who is introducing Best Director.

And the Oscar goes to… Alejandro G. Inarritu, Birdman.

After winning Best Original Screenplay, this is less of a surprise, but Richard Linklater was the favourite. Inarritu says he’s wearing Michael Keaton’s Birman tighty whiteys. Awesome. Praises the crew, the other nominees. Best Picture just got even more interesting.

Another commercial. Why? We just had one. Argh!

8:48pm: Cate Blanchett out to present Best Actor, sporting a stunning turquoise necklace.

And the Oscar goes to… Eddie Redmayne.

He’s genuinely amazed and overcome, keeps tugging at his bowtie. Dedicates the award to everyone battling ALS. Praises the team from Theory of Everything. Love his deep navy tux with black lapels.

Alright. Alright. Alright. Wooderson’s out to presnt Best Actress, looking fly in a silver tux jacket with black lapels with a black vest over a white shirt. Dude gets it. Beard could use a little cleaning up though.

And the Oscar goes to… Julianne Moore.

Standing ovation for Moore who is stunning. She’s always been great, even when she makes marginal movies, and while she absolutely deserves this for her performance, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to recognize someone who has done some amazing work over the course of her career. Great speech.

NPH out to close things out.

First, his predictions. Great bit wrapping up all the key elements of the night. Well done, Barney Stinson.

Sean Penn out to present Best Picture.

And the Oscar goes to… Birdman.

Big night for Alejandro G. Inarritu and company. Everybody is taking the stage here. Inarritu jokes about two Mexicans winning Best Director in back-to-back years, gives a shout out to Alfonso Curon and Guilermo Del Torro. Inarritu reminded to thank his wife. Makes a point of thanking Michael Keaton. Another great speech.

That’s the end of the night.

Hope you enjoyed this little experiment.

Goodnight and godspeed!


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