5 Child Stars And Their Very Public Melt-Downs

Above: 5 child stars before and after their very public melt-downs
Above: 5 child stars before and after their very public melt-downs

It’s a rough life for the rich and the famous, and the list of young stars that have crashed and burned is long and skid-marked. Here’s a look at five child stars and their very public falls from grace, all to celebrate Justin Bieber’s recent DUI arrest.

We’ll do Bieber first.

5 Child Stars And Their Very Public Melt-Downs: Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Stratford Ontario’s own Justin Bieber grew to cutesy super-fame when he and his hair were discovered by Usher and signed to Island Records in 2008. He went from adorable, to kind of brattish, and now, with his recent DUI arrest, genuine nuisance-hood.

Justin was arrested in Miami after being picked up for speeding in his yellow Lamborghini. The arresting officer smelled drugs and alcohol, and charged him with resisting arrest as well as a DUI.

5 Child Stars And Their Very Public Melt-Downs - Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Maybe the queen of fallen stars, Lindsay Lohan is more famous now for her public meltdowns than she ever was for her roles in The Parent Trap or Mean Girls. It was back in 2006 that Lohan was first hospitalized for ‘dehydration,’ and got a reputation for un-professionalism on set. Then there were some DUI arrests and drug charges, and then some parole violations, with bad acting all the way through. The new low: beating up Paris Hilton’s brother by proxy.

5 Child Stars And Their Very Public Melt-Downs - Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

Success story! Many don’t know Drew Barrymore is a former child-star. She did her first commercial, for dog food, at 11 months. She’s also a former train wreck: the inheritor of the Barrymore name’s Hollywood dynasty was a smoker by nine— almost funny to visualize— and an alcoholic by 11. At 14 she attempted suicide, and in the nineties she flashed Letterman live on TV. But now she’s okay.

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