A ‘The Sandlot’ Prequel is Officially in Production

Above: The original cast of 'The Sandlot' (1993)

Look, prequels and sequels to our favourite classic movies don’t always work out to be the greatest of things — we’re looking at you Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — but even with Hollywood’s lacklustre track record, it’s hard not to get excited when one of our favourite childhood franchises gets an official reboot.

This excitement is likely due to the fact that, despite the industry’s less than impressive batting average, these efforts sometimes turn out to be successful. For every Blues Brothers 2000, Batman and Robin, and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, there’s one long-awaited sequel that turns out to be rather decent. Take for instance, last year’s excellent flick Blade Runner 2049.

Perhaps this glimmer of hope is enough fuel to get us all hyped for the upcoming Sandlot prequel. Once a simple rumour on online fan forums, the new project has been brought to life thanks to a super nostalgic creative team. The fresh take on the 1993 baseball classic is now being produced by 20th Century Fox and comes right after the film’s 25th anniversary.

And before anyone gets nervous, rest assured knowing that the prequel will be penned by original screenwriter and director, David Mickey Evans. Additional writing help will come from relative newcomer Austin Reynolds. No release date has been set as of now, but confirmation comes directly from the good folks over at Hollywood Reporter. While we await the movie screening, relive some good times by checking out the 1993 trailer below.

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