5 Reasons To Watch Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’

Above: Stars of the Netflix original, "Stranger Things".
Above: Stars of the Netflix original, "Stranger Things".

By now, you’ve probably heard your friends raving about the Netflix original, Stranger Things. If this has yet to happen, it’s likely because your friends are binge-watching it as we speak. The sci-fi mystery hit screens just a little over ten days ago, and it’s since creeped its way into everyone’s viewing schedule. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Stranger Things is becoming a phenomenon. By this time next year, it’s likely to have become a Netflix staple, parodied on SNL, and nominated for a few Emmys.

The Duffer Brothers production is developing a growing fan base, and becoming a critical darling. If you need some more convincing, however, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five reasons to check out the Netflix original, Stranger Things.

Retro Aesthetic

Pulling from its 80s inspirations, Stranger Things has built an incredibly diverse pastiche. Visually speaking, it’s as creepy as it is beautiful. The show’s aesthetic transports the audience back to an increasingly definable era. The visual makeup is familiar, but it remains unique enough to stop it from being too tiresome. You wouldn’t pitch Stranger Things as an 80s adventure immediately, but you could also do just that. The influences of Spielberg, Stephen King, and Twin Peaks, don’t make the show what it is, but it also does at the same time. The Duffers have found a balance between pulling from their inspirations, and generating their own varied look and feel.

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