Your Winter 2022 Book List

By Sienna Vittoria Asselin

A new season means a new haul of books is waiting for you at the store. To help you plan your winter reading list—or to choose a book for that bookworm friend or relative of yours—we’ve come up with a list of the new releases. From nonfiction film criticism to the new Tom Clancy novel to an experimental literary novel, we’ve got something for every reader. Without further ado, here is your winter book list.

Age of Vice
By Deepti Kapoor

In this much-anticipated release, readers are thrown into contemporary New Delhi and enter a world of lavish parties, avaricious business, and dangerous politics. Age of Vice tells the story of a servant that rises out of poverty, a playboy heir, and a curious journalist, whose lives become entwined in a story full of violence, love, and loss. Let’s just say you’ll keep turning the pages on this one.

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Cinema Speculation
By Quentin Tarantino

This new nonfiction book all about film is written by the movie mavin himself, Quentin Tarantino, so you know it’ll be good. Full of smart insights on American classic films (that Tarantino recalls watching at the cinema himself back in the day), it is film criticism-meets-film theory-meets-entertaining reporting-meets-personal memoir.

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12 Weeks to a Sharper You
By Sanjay Gupta M.D.

Here’s one that will come in handy when the self-help bug bites come January, and you’re feeling all inspired to get healthy and whip yourself—or in this case, your brain—into shape. Dr Sanjay Gupta’s new book, he outlines a 12-week program to keep your brain young and healthy, all by establishing healthy habits. In the end, he promises you’ll be less anxious, less tired, and thinking clearer. Sign us up.

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Tom Clancy Red Winter
By Marc Cameron

In the latest installment of the popular Tom Clancy series, we go back to 1985 when a young Jack Ryan is entrusted with the perilous task of going behind the Iron Curtain to investigate a potential Soviet defector. This Cold War thriller is full of action, suspense, and whip-smart twists and turns, and will be sure to keep you entertained during the long cold days ahead.

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All the Colours in the World
By CS Richardson

In this unique literary novel, bestselling author CS Richardson follows the life of Henry and the restorative role that art plays in his life. Through snippets of prose that read almost like poetry, we’re brought from Toronto in the 1920s through the brutality of the Second World War to Sicily in the 1960s.

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Desert Star
By Michael Connelly

And last but not least, Michael Connelly is back with another gripping crime novel. In the latest installment of his Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch series, the former LAPD detective and chief of police team up to solve the long-standing mystery killer of an entire family.

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