9 Life Hacks That Will Help You Save Some Cash

Above: Ready for a few shortcuts and tricks that will help save you money?
9 Life Hacks That Will Help You Save Some Cash

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No one likes making a budget. Okay, some people do, but sticking to it can be a whole other issue. The truth is most of us spend money on unnecessary, frivolous things all the time, and that’s unlikely to stop. So, why not figure out a way to save a little money on the things that you’re buying anyway? Think monthly purchases like your subscriptions. That way you aren’t cutting anything out completely, but the few dollars here and there will still add up in the long run. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Scale back your cell phone bill with Koodo’s Tab program

You know how you got that brand new cellphone for 0$ because you signed up for a plan? That’s because you’re paying down the balance of the phone in your monthly bill. But if that’s the case, how come your phone bill doesn’t go down once you’ve paid off the phone? Turns out not every phone company is created equal when in comes to the billing situation.

With Koodo’s Tab program, you can get a brand new phone and pay it off over 24 monthly payments of $15 or less, and after that your phone bill is guaranteed to be nothing but your monthly rate plan. With Koodo you always know exactly what you’re paying for because there are no hidden fees buried in inflated rate plans.

Pay attention to sales at stores that have points cards

A lot of stores like Shopper’s Drug Mart and Loblaws have membership cards that allow you to collect points to use towards future purchases. They also have events when you can earn double the points, or earn more on certain items. You’ll probably buy a lot of that stuff anyway (think deodorant, or bananas), so why not stock up on essentials and points at the same time? Also, if a certain brand is offering more points than your go-to, consider switching. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new once in awhile.

Cancel your generic gym membership

Do you have a gym membership that you hardly ever use? You aren’t alone. You might have had good intentions when you signed up, but after awhile the monotony of the same gym day after day ends up eating away at your determination to get in shape. Instead, cancel that membership and take advantage of free trials for different places. Something like Fitset or ClassPass gives you the opportunity to try a bunch of different places for one monthly fee, so you can find the place that you like the best and start spending money on a membership that you’ll actually use.

Set up automatic savings deposits

Some banks will allow you to set your account to automatically transfer a certain amount of money, like 50 cents for example, into your savings account every time you use your debit card. That means you’ll be saving money by spending money without even trying. There’s no way you’ll miss a couple dollars a day, but by the end of every month you’ll have saved a lot more than you think.

Drink more water

Not only is plenty of water necessary for your health, but it’s also either really cheap or completely free. Replace most of your daily beverage choices with water and you’ll be surprised how much money you were spending on empty calories before. Your body doesn’t need the extra sugar of juice and soft drinks, and think how much you’ll save if you buy a cheap case of bottled water every week, or better yet, just drink tap water.

Be more choosy about your method of transportation

If you buy a monthly transit pass, then don’t take a cab unless you absolutely have to. If you have a bike, then ride it more often. Point being, if you’re spending money on one method of transportation, then don’t spend more money on another one. Try to make your preferred method work as often as possible. Walking is always an option too, in case you forgot.

Prevent drafts with plastic over your windows

If you’re Canadian, you’re probably dreading the inevitable spike in the price of heating your home for the winter. If you want to make the heat you are paying for go further, buy a plastic window insulation kit from Canadian Tire and stop potential drafts in their tracks. That way the cold air won’t get in and the warm air (aka your money) won’t get out.

Be strategic about entertainment costs

Everyone likes to see a movie in the theatre every so often, but it can get pricey if you’re doing it all the time. That is, unless you’re collecting Scene points, and trying to go to shows on Tuesday, when it’s half the price. Also, when you’re going out for drinks, pick a bar with happy hour deals, or order from the daily specials menu. You can still have a social life and stick to your budget, you just have to be aware of what you’re spending your money on.

Bring a reusable mug or thermos for your coffee

No one is suggesting you give up your daily coffee habit entirely, but there are ways to cut back on the daily costs of staying caffeinated. For example, if you bring a reusable mug to Starbucks, you’ll get 10 cents off the cost of your drink. That might not seem like much, but it adds up. Also, there’s always the option of just brewing your own coffee at home and bringing it to work with you. If you can start by buying just one less coffee a week and go from there, you’ll be bringing your own coffee every day before you know it.


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