Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food’: When Bad Music Happens To Good People

Above: A screencapture from Alison Gold’s viral music video, 'Chinese Food'

When did satire become music worthy? Have music lovers lost their ability to discern between good and bad music?

If you thought that you could erase the memories of the last viral sensation that you may have caught yourself humming, get ready for this. Alison Gold’s song ‘Chinese Food’, a song about a young girl’s love of Chinese food, has received over 7 million views since it was posted on YouTube on Monday.

‘Chinese Food’ was penned and produced by Patrice Wilson, the guy responsible for Rebecca Black’s infectious 2011 viral hit ‘Friday‘. It’s another non-creative attempt to garner fame and exploit the hopes and dreams of young artists.

If you’ve seen the video you’ll understand. After all it’s hard not to notice the racist undertones and inaccurate cultural depictions of Chinese culture. For example: the Geisha is a Japanese female entertainer.

There’s the catchy “chow me-me-me mein” lyrics, multilingual subtitles, a tasteless bit on Monopoly’s “Oriental Avenue” and a segment with Wilson (dressed as a panda rapper) playing in a field with Gold, whose parents appear to be nowhere in sight. Question. Since when did it become appropriate for a grown man to “befriend” and frolic in the field with young girls?

Of course, ‘Chinese Food’ will soon join the long list of bad, forgotten music. Music that trivializes the work of real musicians and leaves one to think that YouTube has lost its way by allowing such atrocities to be streamed. You can’t blame 13 -year-old Gold; she is just another young aspiring star apart of ARK Music’s founder Patrice Wilson’s ongoing attempt to become newsworthy.

Just like Rebecca Black, Alison Gold’s fifteen minutes of fame will eventually fade. Leaving one to ask where is Rebecca Black these days?

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