Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken Gets A Dad Bod Makeover

Above: The 'Normal Barbie' creator has made a dadbod 'Normal Ken' doll
Barbie's Boyfriend Ken Gets A Dad Bod Makeover

Meet the new Ken.

Lammily, the toymakers behind ‘Normal Barbie’ are getting ready to release a ‘Normal Ken’ doll. Apparently Normal Ken has the body of a typical 19-year-old man.

Nickolay Lamm’s Lammily doll went viral nearly three years ago after the artist introduced a doll with the body of an average 19-year-old woman. The aim was to prevent young girls from developing unrealistic expectations of beauty.

The recently launched crowd-funding campaign site for the male Lammily doll states: “He may not have a six-pack, but he has a fantastic sense of humour. He may not have the biggest biceps, but he has a big heart. He may not look like a runway model, but he values himself for who he truly is, and always makes sure to pay the same respect to others!”

In January, Mattel announced three new versions of the iconic Barbie doll: smaller, taller and curvier in addition to the standard Barbie.

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