Ben Affleck Gives a Major Update on New ‘Batman’ Movie

Above: Will Ben Affleck direct the new 'Batman' movie?

After producing what is arguably the greatest superhero series of all time, DC has since struggled in rebooting their cinematic universe. It all started with the critically panned blockbuster, Batman v Superman, which was followed by the equally disappointing flick, Suicide Squad. If nothing else, both movies successfully created hype and generated intrigue for future DC films. With the looming release of their own ragtag adventure, Justice League, it has become clear that the production house has placed their hopes in the hands of Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck.

The actor-director now dons the famous cowl of the Dark Knight, and will star in not only the upcoming Justice League film, but in his own Batman standalone movie as well. While that much remains certain, rumours surfaced online that Affleck would abandon the project as director, or in the case of some quotes, leave the production entirely. Fans of the franchise began to lose faith, so when Affleck visited the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he used the opportunity to clear up the situation. Hear what he had to say below, via YouTube.

For those at work and unable to utilize audio, we feel your pain. You can read what Ben said of the matter. Thankfully, for DC aficionados, it sounds like good news.

““I’m gonna direct the next Batman, we’re working on it. It’s one of those things that’s really frustrating because with ‘Live By Night’ it took me a year-and-a-half to write it and get it ready and I worked really hard. It’s just no one gave a s**t. No one was like, where’s ‘Live By Night?’ With Batman I keep getting the, “Where’s The Batman?!? I’m like, whoa, I’m working, give me a second!”

The new Batman movie is slated for a release in 2019. In the meantime, you can expect your next dose of the caped crusader, when Justice League arrives in theatres on November 16.

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