‘Californication’ Season 7, Episode 3 Recap: Like Father, Like Son

Above: Levon and Hank in Californication (Photo: Showtime)

The episode begins with Karen acting hysterical after retaining the news that she is not the only “baby momma” in Hank’s life. She tells Hank that this “officially pulls the bottom out of their relationship” and she’s upset, not only because Hank has another child, but also that she was not the first one to create a child with him. This is especially heartbreaking for her to bare, which leaves Hank at a loss of words, just as Karen kicks him out of the house.

Hank then picks up Levon for his first day as a PA on Santa Monica Cop, but Levon slept in because he was up all night playing X-Box to calm his anxiety. While Hank waits for Levon to get ready for work, Julia warns Hank to keep an eye on Levon, saying that he’s socially awkward and has the potential to do weird things like pull his dick out in public.

In the Santa Monica Cop writer’s room, Rath tells Hank that he’s writing episode three and asks him to tell him his story ideas. Hank, who is not a fan of outlines whatsoever, is put on the spot to pitch Rath a credible plot idea for the episode. Hank stumbles through it, but pitches a story idea that impresses Rath and gives him trust in Hank. Just as this happens, Levon stumbles into the room with lunch for the staff. Rath then goes absolutely crazy, yelling at Levon for screwing up his salad order. The public humiliation destroys Levon, which leaves Hank to try and cheer him up with some wise words about overcoming screw-ups in his own life. Levon also asks Hank’s advice for trying to get Melanie (Rath’s assistant) into bed with him. Hank tells him to “play it cool”, to the point that he probably shouldn’t talk to her at all. Rath then comes and apologizes to Levon for coming down on him so hard, and he asks Hank to come sit in on auditions for “crack whores”.

In the audition room, Hank is sitting in on the actresses with Rath, who has to leave the room momentarily. This leaves Hank alone in the room with one particular actress, who makes it very clear to Hank that she’s willing to do “absolutely anything” for the part. She then comes on to Hank, pulling out one of her breasts and grabbing Hank’s finger and putting it inside herself. Meanwhile, Terry walks into the room just as this is happening and tells Hank that he’s telling Rath.

Levon and Melanie are then sharing their favourite viral YouTube videos with one another, which leaves Levon to show Melanie some disgusting anal sex video, all the while he massages her from behind. This creeps Melanie out enormously, bringing her to tell Rath and accusing him of sexual harassment. Rath then yells at Hank and Levon for their respective antics, but says he’s not going to fire them.

Outside Levon and Hank have an argument, where Levon quits his job and Hank is brutally honest about how he’ll never be an actor if he’s unable to survive a lowly PA job. Back inside the writer’s room, Hank and Terry arm wrestle for the job to write episode three. Terry wins by a country mile, but Hank is told he’s still the one writing the episode. Just as this happens, Julia walks into the room with Levon by her side. Levon is carrying a tray of cookies to help with his apology. He apologizes to Melanie for creeping her out, as well as to Rath for disrupting his office environment. Rath takes a particular liking to Julia, commenting her on her beauty and offering to give her a tour of the Santa Monica Cop offices.

That night Hank and Charlie meet up for a drink to banter back and forth about their issues. Charlie then gets a booty call text from his wife, which leaves Hank alone to make a call to Karen. They quietly chat about how challenging the appearance of Levon and Julia are going to make their lives. The episode then concludes as Hank says to Karen, “Don’t give up on me, alright”. 

Tune in next week to find out how Levon handles himself on the job, as well as what stops Hank pulls out to try and bring Karen back into his life again. 

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