‘Californication’ Season 7, Episode 4 Recap: Dicks

Above: Julia and Hank in Californication

For those of you who thought this season was going to be smooth sailing for a Hank and Karen reunion, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The fourth episode gets interesting as Hank starts getting closer and developing stronger feelings for his new, estranged family. He also makes some serious headway in the parenting department with Levon, which impresses Julia. Also Runkle starts pursuing a new promising client prospect.

The episode begins when Hank runs into Julia on the Santa Monica Cop Studios, where he’s puffing a joint. Hank assumes she’s there to see Levon, but it turns out she’s actually there to audition for Rath for a small part on the show. Julia confesses to Hank how nervous she is, but Hank instills her with confidence by remarking on her natural acting abilities (drawing back to when he used to run lines with her when they were together back in the day). She then takes a quick “shotgun” puff of Hank’s joint and goes off to her audition, a wee-little-bit more relaxed.

Later on, Rath shows Hank Julia’s audition tape, where he is getting excited over how natural she is on camera, as well as how beautiful she looks. He tells Hank that he wants to cast her so he can have the opportunity to spend more time with her, but not before he makes sure that Hank isn’t interested in pursuing anything with her. Hank assures Rath that he’s not interested in Julia at all. Is he lying? I would say it’s safe to say that he wasn’t being completely honest.

In Charlie’s world, his financial struggles with Marcy lead him to pursue a new client prospect. He meets with one of Hank’s co-writers on the show to try and woo her right into his money-hungry embrace. In order to do so, Charlie impresses her with knowledge that he knows most people aren’t aware of the fact she wrote an episode of Dawson’s Creek once-upon-a-time. This starts to get her excited, as she feels like she’s cheating on her current manager with Charlie. The meeting concludes when she tells Charlie that she’s seen his masturbation video and knows he has absolutely no problems with a limp dick. She also adds that she plans on leaving her current manager for Charlie’s services. All this dirty business talk gets Charlie stiff as iron in the pants region, capping off with a quick release in a public restroom.

Hank then drops Levon off at home, just as Julia comes rushing onto the driveway, gushing about her excitement over booking the part on Santa Monica Cop. Levon initially is a smart ass over the news, because they moved out to LA for his acting career, not his moms. He gets over it and all three of them go out and celebrate Julia’s happy news. While they’re out drinking, eating, and celebrating, Levon gets a message from Rath’s assistant, Melanie, asking him to come into the office to help her out with some work.

The night progresses as Hank drives Julia home, telling her about Rath’s intentions for hiring her for the show. While Julia is a little disheartened by Hank’s news about Rath, she still wants to continue the night with Hank. This leads the two of them to head to Julia’s dental office to give Hank a late-night cleaning. It may have just been the dental drugs, but the two of them end up making out while Hank’s in the chair.

Back at the Santa Monica office, Levon and Melanie are doing some filing when the show’s director comes into the room, telling Levon to go fetch him a latte. This leads to a dispute between Levon and the TV director, as Levon knows exactly what his intentions are with Melanie. He eventually scurries off to get the coffee, and when he returns, his nightmare is realized when he walks in on Melanie having sex with the director from behind. In a complete desperate act of frustration, Levon pulls out his dick to show Melanie all that she is missing. While she’s definitely impressed by the size of Levon’s member, she tells him that he doesn’t stand a chance with her because he’s just a PA.

Levon then calls Julia right in the middle of her and Hank’s heaty make out session to spazz about what happened with Melanie. The episode then comes to a close as Hank and Julia sit on the couch, talking about Levon’s indecent exposure to Melanie, which sees Hank coming to his son’s rescue saying he’s just a guy who’s trying to get laid. They congratulate each other on a successful night of co-parenting and Hank brings out a joint for them to smoke. Julia then sort-of lovingly gazes at Hank as he smokes the joint.

The season is definitely starting to intensify as feelings begin to arise between Hank and Julia, as well as Hank and Levon continue to build a strong rapport with one another. You’ll have to tune in next week to see what Hank’s developing feelings for Julia has on his relationship with his boss, and his “other” baby momma, Karen. Things are sure heating up in California!

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