‘Californication’ Season 7, Episode 7 Recap: Smile

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Last week’s episode saw the developing relationship of Hank and Julia get squashed when Julia found out that Hank bought her son a hooker. Now this week’s ‘Smile’ episode is about Hank trying to redeem himself and get back in her good graces, by showing her that his motives are always coming from the right place.

The episode kicks off when Hank goes to visit Karen, who just so happens to be in some promiscuous and compromising positions with her Yoga instructor “friend”. Things get heated when Hank gives her a check that he received from the show, only to see Karen rip it up in front of him, declaring that he can’t buy her forgiveness. Hank then gets into an oddball battle with the yoga man by throwing his coffee all over him when he steps in for Karen’s defense and tells Hank that it’s time for him to go.

Back in the Santa Monica Cop writer’s room, Hank is waiting to get word from Rath on the episode that he wrote for the show. He finds out that Rath has buried himself in his office, which usually means that he’s rewriting the entire episode. Not good news for Hank! Rath then emerges and tells everybody that he doesn’t have good news — Julia has dropped from her role on the show and the episode is totally butchered if she doesn’t return. This leads Hank to flee from the writer’s room and pay a visit to Julia at the dental office to try and convince her. But Julia makes it very clear that she’s not happy with Hank and doesn’t want to talk to him. Just as this happens, Julia’s boss walks in and pulls Hank aside. He begins giving Hank a hard time about meddling with Julia’s happiness and getting her hopes up with the acting thing. Hank calls him out and tells him that he wants Julia, just like everyone else. Julia’s boss admits it and tells Hank that he’s in love with Julia and that she fits the profile of his dream girl: busty blonde dental hygienist.

Charlie then has a new promising money-maker when he runs into Atticus’ old butler (now a bartender) who has a memoir full of stories that Charlie knows he could sell the sh*t out of! Meanwhile, Hank goes to see Levon to try and get his help to convince his mom to come back on the show. Levon (while smoking from a bong) tells Hank that probably won’t happen as she thinks show business is corrupt, which Hank agrees with. The two of them then smoke from the bong as Hank tells Levon that he wants him to pretend that he has a toothache so they can have a reason to go in and see his mom.

Marcy pays a visit to Stu at his palace, where he’s basking in the sun with his tight red speedo on. Mary asks Stu for a loan, but Stu doesn’t believe in loans. He then gives Marcy the same offer he was trying to convince Charlie on — “I will pay you the price of 1 million dollars to let me be inside Marcy again.” While initially Marcy is disturbed by the idea, she eventually has time to think on it and decides it might actually be the best way to solve their money issues.

Back at the dentist’s office, Hank and Levon arrive with Levon’s “toothache”. Julia appears to see what’s wrong, where Levon completely folds and says that he doesn’t actually have a toothache. Julia then starts complaining about the fact that all men only want one thing from her. Hank tells her that she better start getting used to it because all men want to sleep with her. Again, Julia’s boss appears and declares his love for Julia. He gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage. This shellshocks Julia as she had absolutely no idea about her boss’ hidden intentions for hiring her. In his mom’s defense, protective Levon begins to lash out at him, which provokes retaliation from Julia’s boss. Hank then steps in and socks Julia’s boss in the face, as nobody speaks to his son that way.

Marcy arrives back home to talk to Charlie about Stu’s offer, who’s in the middle of a meeting with Atticus’ butler regarding his memoir. Marcy pulls Charlie into the bedroom and tells him that she might have a way for them to make some money. She begins telling Charlie about the 1 million dollar offer from Stu, which Charlie is already well aware of. They then talk back and forth about the possibility of deciding to go through with it. Charlie is worried that Marcy will like it, which Marcy admits that she probably will, but she has slept with Stu thousands of times already and she doesn’t love him. All this talk of picturing Marcy with another man gets Charlie rock hard in his pants. They want to make sure they take full advantage of Charlie’s package at its optimal strength, and so, they have sex right there with the butler in the other room.

Hank takes Levon and Julia back to the Santa Monica Cop office, where Levon apologizes to Rath for having sex in his pool. Julia also says that she’s back in with her role. Rath thanks Hank for getting Julia back on board, as well as commends him on writing a great episode. Hank also gets Rath to say that he will try and give Levon an opportunity to read for a small part on the show at some point this season. Rath agrees.

The episode then concludes with Hank, Julia, and Levon all smoking a joint on the couch. Levon heads off to bed, and Hank says he’s going to head home, but Julia convinces him to stay. They engage into a tickle fight, where things quickly escalate when Julia says she’s worried about developing feelings for Hank and that he’s “as cute and funny as he’s ever been.” This leads to them making out just as the episode wraps.

Next week should bring Hank and Julia’s relationship to a whole new level as Julia shoots her part on the show. What will happen to Hank’s job when Rath finds out that he’s been engaging in a bit of a relationship with Julia? Also what will come of Hank’s long lost love in Karen?

We’ll all have to wait until next week to see how the madness will unravel!

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