‘Californication’ Season 7, Episode 9 Recap: Faith, Hope, Love

Above: Hank and Karen in happier times.

Last week ended with Hank racing off to the hospital after hearing news that Karen had been in a car accident. Now the question remains, will Karen make it? Regardless, Hank feels responsible for this accident and everything else that’s managed to wedge between him and Karen over the years. With Karen in the hospital, not knowing if she’s going to live, Hank starts to see things clearly, which is not a comforting feeling for him.  

The episode kicks off with Hank arriving at the hospital, where Marcy meets him. The doctor tells Hank that Karen was hit by a drunk driver and is in and out of consciousness, and could use some blood. This really hits Hank hard as he knows that drunk driver could very well have been him driving around Venice pissed after one of his many liquid lunches in the past. Charlie then arrives and gets completely frantic and woozy at the idea of having to give blood.

Charlie and Hank are strapped up to give blood where Hank’s first flashback is a look back at his and Karen’s tumultuous past. He recalls a counseling session that they had after learning that Karen had been engaging in an emotional relationship with another man, Bill (who she ended up having a relationship with). The memory recalled how Hank couldn’t look at his own shortcomings in the relationship as to why Karen would look to another man for an emotional bond. This led Hank to punching the wall, where he’s brought back to reality punching the vending machine. Here Hank goes to call Becca but is reminded of a special moment with his daughter. Just the two of them walking and talking on one of their regular walks. Hank then meets an older man whose wife is in getting surgery. He counsels Hank on the trials and tribulations of making a long-term relationship and marriage work. Meanwhile, Charlie and Marcy talk about Stu’s offer. Marcy says that they need to get over the fact that his offer arouses them. Marcy goes on to say that it’s a fact of nature that they will get aroused by other people and different things all the time, they just need to stop worrying about it and get over it. Charlie then goes on to say that he doesn’t think they should accept Stu’s million-dollar offer. It will tarnish the great relationship they have; they will just have to find another way to make some money.

Hank then comes to sit down with them in the waiting room. Here he sees a doctor come talk to the older man who he had talked to briefly by the vending machine. It’s obvious that he is not getting good news and his wife didn’t make it through surgery. This leads Hank to take another trip into the archives of his and Karen’s relationship. He recalls the drive home from the counseling session where they almost were in a huge car accident. They had narrowly escaped their demise, which led to them getting over their little issues and really valuing what is important, each other. They then went inside and had sex all afternoon like a couple of horny love-struck teenagers. This memory takes Hank to visit the chapel inside the hospital, seeking some guidance from a higher power. Here an attractive female chaplain who talks with him briefly greets him. Hank says that he’s the farthest thing from the kind of guy that would ever be allowed in heaven. He admits that he’s a complete and utter self-destructive mess. The female chaplain offers him some sympathy, and then tells him that he should pray. As he closes his eyes to pray, he’s brought back to the memory of him and Karen lying in bed talking after making some sweet love. He’s then brought back to reality in the waiting room, where the doctor approaches with news.

The doctor gives the news that Karen has just suffered a concussion, and there’s no internal bleeding. She will have to remain in the hospital for a few more days, but she will be okay. He says that one person can go back and asks Hank if he’s the husband. “Yes he is!” Marcy blurts out, “Go see your wife” she says again. The whole group hugs each other and lets out a massive breath-of-relief. Hank goes to Karen who’s asleep and lying in bed, he kisses her on the forehead. She wakes up, looks at Hank and says, “This doesn’t change anything, I’m still pissed at you”. “I wouldn’t have it any other way” Hank replies back. He’s then takes one final trip down memory lane, recalling a great dinner that he and Karen had with Marcy and Charlie. Back when they were all so happy, together, and in love.

So what will Hank do now that he might have just been given his final shot with Karen? Will Karen let him come back one more time? What about Becca and Hank’s other family? Things are beginning to boil up and get very intense as the series finale is fast approaching. You will have to clue in next week to see if Karen’s near death experience changes anything for Hank. 

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