Denis Villeneuve to Direct ‘Dune’ Reboot

Above: The Montreal director will take on the iconic sci-fi story

Since its first publication back in 1965, Frank Herbert’s iconic novel, Dune, has become one of the most revered sci-fi stories of all time. Its bleak and alien world full of high drama and political intrigue, set the precedent for future franchises across many different platforms. Upon reflection, it’s easy to claim that Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Game of Thrones, derive from the blueprints of Herbert’s fictional universe. Despite Dune‘s massive success and critical acclaim, the story has yet to receive a successful screen adaptation.

In 1973, Chilean director, Alejandro Jodorowsky, tried and failed rather famously in creating an elaborate film version of the story. The wild production snafus, intense creative egos, and budgetary constraints stopped Jodorowsky right in his tracks, and killed the project altogether. Eventually, David Lynch took a stab at the story, and managed to get an adaptation in theatres by 1984. Unfortunately, the legendary visionary failed in the eyes of critics worldwide, and the movie remains one of his least impressive outings to date. Aside from a short-lived television series on Syfy, Dune fans have been starving for a proper screen remake of the classic adventure. Now decades since its first paperback binding, the story hasn’t sparked interest from Hollywood, and was seemingly doomed to remain on pages forever.

Earlier today, exciting news surfaced that a Dune adaptation is indeed in the works, and for diehards, its director has generated some newfound faith. Taking to his Twitter account this afternoon, Frank Herbert’ son, Brian, confirmed to followers that Denis Villeneuve was attached to helm the new project. The Montreal director is fresh off of recent blockbusters Arrival and Sicario, and is currently putting the finishing touches on the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel. Details remain sparse, but we do know that Legendary Pictures will be producing the flick. Villeneuve seems to have his hands full at the moment, so it’s safe to assume that the new Dune is still quite far from playing on the silver screen. In the meantime, we can certainly get our hopes up

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