Dreams Come True In New Trailer For HBO’s ‘Westworld’

Above: Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores Abernathy

Last summer, we excitingly wrote about the new HBO sci-fi, Westworld. The Jonathan Nolan reboot of the 1973 classic, has since become one of TV’s most hotly anticipated releases. The show focuses on the futuristic theme park of the same name, and spotlights gritty characters and artificially intelligent inhabitants.

The show is slated for a premiere next month, and has been a long time coming for its production team. Initial photography for the series began all the way back in 2014, and even had its main cast members locked in (Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood). Last year’s slated release was pushed back, due to the insane production value of the show, and all of the intricacies involved with putting something of that scale together. Westworld was also shut down this past January, in order for its creator to complete rewrites. Despite all of the struggles, and now brushing off the controversy, Nolan’s Westworld, looks to be one of the industry’s biggest shows, and will likely tide us over until Game Of Thrones airs next summer.

So far, HBO’s trailers of the series, have been chock-full of insane imagery and provocative vignettes. The dream-centric trailer released today, does well to continue the trend. You can watch the official footage of Westworld, below. Expect it on your screens, when it debuts October 2nd.



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