The Dynamic Duo: Martin Scorsese And Leonardo DiCaprio

Above: Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are two living legends

After securing its rights during auction, Devil In The White City will now be the latest project from legendary director, Martin Scorsese. Based on the novel of the same name, the film will tell the story of infamous serial killer D.H.H Holmes and will star trusted Scorsese collaborator, Leonardo DiCaprio.

This will be the sixth project featuring the two juggernauts and, if their track record is any indication, will likely be another critical and box office smash. Way before the two had released Gangs Of New York, their first of now six collaborations, a fresh-faced DiCaprio was suggested to the iconic film director by Robert De Niro. Fast forward 13 years later, and the two have worked together on some of their most career-defining work. In anticipation of the dark, historical thriller Devin In The White City, here’s a look back at the other times “Scorscapio” (we’ll work on the nickname) hit it out of the park.

Who knows, maybe Leo will finally take home an Oscar!

Frequent collaborators DiCaprio and Scorsese, always hit it out of the park.

Gangs Of New York (2002)

Arguably the two of the most talented actors of our generation, DiCaprio squared off against Daniel Day Lewis in this romantic period piece. Highlighting one of New York’s more troubled eras, Scorsese reeled audiences in while DiCaprio’s young Amsterdam Vallon, held the fabric together. Coming off of Titanic, Leo proved once again that he was a hungry and equally worthy, leading man.

The Aviator (2004)

From Ray to Man On The Moon, the early 2000’s was Hollywood’s favorite time for biopics. While Jamie Foxx’s turn as Ray Charles rocketed him into cinematic relevance, DiCaprio’s Howard Hughes was equally impressive. The troubled career of the aviation genius, Hughes, was frequently under scrutiny by contemporary critics. Along with being yet another financial and critical success, Scorsese and DiCaprio were able, to paint a more sympathetic image of the man. Quite literally, the two changed the cultural perspective of an often thought, mad man. Today, The Aviator is still equal parts compelling and entertaining. It remains a must watch for the hobbyist historian.

The Departed (2006)

Featuring Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and more, The Departed’s all-star cast helped to deliver the 2006 epic crime drama, with Oscars for best picture and best director. While nearly every aspect of the film is excellent, it was truly Leo’s turn as double agent, Billy Costigan, that really sealed the deal. Scorsese hadn’t executed such a rich and uniquely complex plot since Goodfellas. And like the classic mob flick from 1990, The Departed became a cultural phenomenon and lifted DiCaprio’s career into the pantheon of greats.

Shutter Island (2010)

Likely the less seen collaboration on the list, Shutter Island was a slow burn movie that was capped off with a terrific and mind-numbing finish. The film tapped into our psychological fears, and dragged us through a long and winding narrative that kept us all guessing throughout. Scorsese followed Leo’s panicky and paranoid performance and each minor development became as impactful as a guttural punch. If you haven’t seen the 2009 stand out, do yourselves a favor and watch it this weekend.

Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Their most recent team up, Wolf Of Wall Street followed the glutinous and drug-fueled lifestyle of Jordan Belfort. DiCaprio delivered the goods, by somehow making an incredibly gross dude, rather sympathetic. The tale of 80s Wall Street greed, somehow became more and more despicable as it went on, and DiCaprio was able to pull off the entire tragedy with ease. Even when Leo isn’t taking home the award for best actor, he still steals the show. It’s still hard to watch this picture and remind ourselves that the boy who started his craft on Growing Pains, can carry the weight of an entire Scorsese movie on his own two shoulders.

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