Fan-Made ‘Voldemort’ Movie Finally Gets a Trailer

Above: Fans will see Tom Riddle transform into the Dark Lord

J.K. Rowling’s epic wizarding world of Harry Potter is one of the most beloved literary and cinematic franchises of the 21st century. Since its first publication back in 1997, fans have obsessed over the evergrowing Potterverse and its incredibly long list of characters. The final Harry-centric book may have already come and gone, but that hasn’t stopped fans from craving more epic and transportive stories.

More recently, we were treated to a spinoff adventure, Fantastic Beasts, which debuted on silver screens last year. The flick may have been a box office hit, but many diehards felt the narrative explored was a bit too much of a departure from the lore they originally fell in love with. Some of these aforementioned folks are seeking to satisfy their desire by launching a very elaborate and undeniably impressive fan film that jets viewers right back into the immediate world of Harry and the gang.

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is an unofficial addition to the Rowling franchise, and it’s set to hit screens very soon. The story was granted approval by Warner Bros. and has the makings of something extremely special. Featuring big-budget effects and set design, Origins of the Heir looks to portray the seedy rise and fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Judging from the few glimpses we’ve received, it may end up being a homerun for everyone involved. The fan film was initially funded via Kickstarter, and managed to get approval from Hollywood brass in the process. You can watch the first full-length trailer for Voldemort below, and be sure to give it a well-deserved watch when it lands online in the near future.

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